West Virginia Pioneers

Most of my ancestors settled in Virgina starting in the 1600s, and with family and friends steadily moved westward as the country opened up, until some stopped and stayed to build in one of the most beautiful places on Earth - Jackson County, West Virginia. Today, descendants of many of the pioneer families still live in the area and have intermarried so the genealogy of the area is like a big spider web. This is my attempt to connect all those pioneer families.

Feel free to use the data here for your personal use, and if you share it, please give credit for where you found it. You never know when I will find errors and correct them, and I am constantly researching and adding to this database.

I am very grateful to everyone who has shared their data with me. I welcome your additions and corrections, as well as pictures of your ancestors. Please limit each of your emails to one person or one family unit, and include dates, places and your sources.


Go back in time and walk with John House, over the hills and down the creeks of West Virginia. Read what folks shared with him about their families and his description of the countryside. Then check out the maps that show how counties were formed in VA and WV. Read the World War II news about those who served from Jackson County, West Virginia