West Virginia Pioneers



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Boothe, Charles M Briggs Cousins - Merrill Briggs and Briggs Kirby Briggs Cousins:  Garnet Briggs, Lorena Hooper, Bertha Hooper, David Briggs, and Earl King Briggs Family: George & Annie Coughenour Briggs and Henry & Laura Briggs Cameron
Briggs, Bea & Helen Briggs, David W Briggs, George Briggs, George & Anna Coughenour Briggs with children Garnet and David Briggs, Merrill Briggs, William H.
Brown, Brooks Lorn & Eleanor Artie Ann (Miller) Capehart: Mary Capehart Briggs Casto, Charles Lewis Casto, Cliff and daughters, Geraldine, Margaret & Catharine Casto, George R & Hogsett, Margaret Ann Casto, George Riley Casto, George Riley and four children Casto, John & Bailey Raines Casto, John & his horses Casto, John & Minerva Randolph Casto
Casto, John Edward Casto, Leonard Casto, Lucretia (Casto) Barnett and Julia Cook Barnett Casto, Mary Ellen & Canzetta Belle  Casto, Zilpha Casto:  Elva Casto Patterson Casto:  Erma Casto Robie Casto:  Samantha Estellina 'Liny' Casto Boothe Casto: Barb, Let, Bett, Ab & Len Casto Casto: Elva Casto Patterson
Casto: Erma Casto Robie Casto: Erma Casto Robie Casto: Erma Casto Robie Casto: Loretta Casto Reynolds Casto: sisters Erma Casto Robie and Elva Casto Patterson Charles Eugene 'Gene' Fisher Christopher R Rhodes and Angeline Berthinia Straley Christopher Smith & Anna Gandee Randolph Collins:  Theodocia Collins Parker Coon-Ray Family
Corey - Reynolds Family Coughenour kids: Mel, Jennie, Minnie, Al
(back row) Luella, Rilla, Anne Coughenour Sisters and one friend - Sitting: ?, ?, Anne; standing: ?, Minnie, not daughter, Mary, Jennie, Luella Coughenour, David Coughenour:  Annie Coughenour Briggs Crites:  Rebecca Crites Casto Dewees, James R Dixon, Tom
Dixon, Web & Annie Randolph Dixon Donohue, Andrew Jackson
Donohue, Calvin Waldo Donohue, Della Shields Donohue, Dorothy Rollins Donohue, Early H Donohue, Ellis Eliza Donohue, Hiram Donohue, James Ellis Donohue, Jesse and Reuben Donohue, John Adams Donohue, Lydia Parsons
Donohue, Pearly, Eddie & Lena Donohue, Reuben Ellis Donohue, Reuben Smith Donohue: Reuben, wife Della Shields, son Pearl, mother Dorothy Rollins Fields, James Clinton Fisher , Clement and Frank Fisher, Josephine, Hester & Bessie Fisher, Ode and Clyde Fisher:  Charles Wesley Fisher Family Fisher:  Sherla Fisher's Funeral Memorial Card
Fisher:  Sherla Fisher's Obit
Fisher: Benjamin Franklin Fisher Family Fore, Lloyd L Fore, Roscoe  Fore, Roscoe and mother Mary Ann Randolph Fore, Roscoe and unidentified girl Fore, Roscoe L Fore:  Frank Fore Family 
Front: Denver, Elizabeth, Frank
Back: Mary E, Royce, Bernard Gilpin, Lorenzo J & Etta Marie Hill Gilpin Green, Harriet; son Estel; niece Renna Molze, William & (dau) Ethel Southall, and John Casto
Green-Garnes, Harriet, Lena Ethel Garnes Southall,  Eileen Southall and niece Renna Molze-Casto Green-Garnes, Harriet, Linda &  Eileen Southall and niece Renna Molze-Casto Grimes, Juanita Grimes:  Roy & Roma Pullins Grimes Halley: Emery Halley and Dora Safreed Hamon, Robert 'Bob' Hamon: Nancy Hamon Ferrell Harris, Earl Harris, Jesse & Randolph, Lucy Family Harris, Jesse L
Harris, Jessie Lucille Wedding picture Ida Mae Harper Ida Mae Harper Sanford Jobe, Sammy John Wesley Patterson Jr Kirby: Albert Kirby & Garnet Briggs' wedding:
Top to bottom: Damon, Davis & Rachel Butcher, David Briggs, Albert & Garnet Kirby, Percy Kerns Landis: Anna Belle Landis Ludwick Lee Brothers, sons of Samuel & Elizabeth McCabe Lee Lewis, Augustus Hoyt Ludwick Family Bible Birth Page

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