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JAMES LOWE CATHARINE HARPER 07 January 1849 Kanawha 
Lowe, James (I3247)

JCBR shows her name as Mary Jane. 
Randolph, Mary Jane Odell (I2594)

Tumlin, Rasmmers, 12/14/1854 Frank & Sarah -- the birthdate fits as does the horrible spelling which happened from time to time. 
Tumlin, Susanna (I25931)

Rhodes, M Jane 10/28/1940, 73y 2m 26d, [d] Jackson Co [p] Thomas & Christanna Hinzman [b] WVa, housewife, married 
Hinzman, Melissa Jane (I25045)

Wilson Jackson, 3/18/1928, 68y5m19d, [d] Jackson Co [p] David & Julia A (Smith) Jackson [b] WV farmer widowed [this calculates to dob in 1859] 
Jackson, Wilson Homer (I9214)

Lucy E Scott Morehouse
Birth: May 16, 1868
Death: Feb. 20, 1957
w/o Perrin [double stone]]
Family links:
Perrin Gardner Morehouse (1862 - 1928)*
Ray H Morehouse (1888 - 1973)*
Elnathan N P Morehouse (1890 - 1969)*
*Calculated relationship
Fairview Cemetery
Gallia County
Ohio, USA
Created by: Cheryl Ayres
Record added: Sep 10, 2011
Find A Grave Memorial# 76315856 
Scott, Lucy E (I106611)

Lydia Ashton Webster
Birth: 1803
Pennsylvania, USA
Death: 1857
Meigs County
Ohio, USA
Lydian Ashton Webster was the daughter of Abner Ashton. She married Isaac Augustine Webster on 15 JUN 1825, in Athens, Athens Co Ohio. Her children were: Reuben (1826-1899), Lovina (1828-1860), Gilbert George (1831-1901), Wesley Wentworth (1835-1905), Nancy Maria (1838-1908), Isaac Newton (1841-1911), Lydia Verlina (1845-1920), and Mary Adriann (1848-1920). Source reference: The Harris History, A Collection of Tales of Long Ago of Southeastern Ohio and Adjoining Territories, Charles H. Harris, published by the Athens Messenger, 1957.
Family links:
Isaac Augustine Webster (1801 - 1865)
Massar and Koenig Cemetery
Meigs County
Ohio, USA
Created by: PAMELA BAKER
Record added: Jun 09, 2012
Find A Grave Memorial# 91636722 
Ashton, Laura (I107389)

Marriage Record
Date: 1/27/1918 at the residence of Anna Conley
Place: Roane, West Virginia, United States
Rex Kee, 27, Roane Co, Countsville
Hettie Conley, 25, Roane Co, Zona
Informant - ZB Bowen

1920 Wolf Camp, Roane, WV
Kee, Rex 29 WV WV WV
Hettie 28 WV WV WV
Dortha A da 1 1/12 WV WV WV Dorothy Ann 11/7/1918

1930 Smithfield, Roane, WV all born WV WV WV
Kee, Rex 39 md age 27
Hettie 38 md age 26
Dortha da 11
Ruby da 8
James son 5

1940 Spencer, Roane, WV
all born WV 1935: all lived same house
Kee, Rex 49
Hettie 48
Parsons, Ruby da 18 m
Kee, Jimmy son 15 
Family F26936

Marriage Record
Date: 1/30/1909
Place: Wirt, West Virginia, United States
Eura Bonnett, 22, Wirt Co, Wirt Co, Harrison Bonnett
Willa Hutchison, 17, Wood Co, Wirt Co, CC & Justine Hutcheson
Informant - Charley Hall, in person

1910 Elizabeth, Wirt, WV
Bonnett, Samuel H 50 wd WV WV WV
Eura G son 23 m1- 1y WVWVWV
Willa B dil 19 m1- 1y 1-1 child WV PA WV
Cora M gd 1/12 WVWVWV

1920 Elizabeth, Wirt, WV
Bonnett, Harrison 60 wd WV WV WV
Eura G son 33 WV WV WV
Willa dil 28 WV PA WV
Vivian gd 10 WV WV WV
Ester gd 7 WV WV WV Ida Esther 7/2/1912
Forest gs 4 8/12 WV WV WV
Virgil gs 1 10/12 WV WV WV
Wright, Homer ss 17 WV WV WV

1930 Elizabeth, Wirt, WV all born WV WV WV
Bonnette, Eura G 43 md age 22
Willia B 38 md age 17
Ida E da 17
Forrest W son 14
Virgil B son 12
Denver E son 9
Hellen J da 6
Ray P son 3
Wilma J da 11/12 
Family F26904

Marriage Record
Date: 12/18/1894 at res of Wellie Harrison
Place: Jackson, West Virginia, United States
Joseph Skeen, Jr, 23, Jackson Co, Goldtown
Mary Catherine Harrison, 21, Jackson Co, Goldtown
Informant - Genl Harrison

1900 Ripley, Jackson, WV all born WV WV WV
Skeen, Joseph 6/1871 m 5y
Mary C wife 9/1874 m 5y 3-3 children
Orie J da 9/1895 Ora Genet 9/9/1895
Floyd I son 3/1897 Floyd Irwin 3/13/1897
Matilda H da 4/1899 4/12/1899
Henry C neph 12/1889

1910 Washington, Jackson, WV
Skeen, Joseph D 38 m1- 16y
Mary C 36 m1- 16y 7-5 children
Oria da 14
Erwin son 13
Corda 8 Mary Cordelia 7/1/1901
Dayton son 6 Dayton Albert 10/11/1903
James A 2 3/30/1908

1920 Washington, Jackson, WV
Skeen, Joseph D 49 WV VA WV
Mary C 46 WVWVWV
Corda M da 18 WVWWV
Dayton A son 16
James A son 12
Okey L son 9 Okey Leonard 9/1/1910
Hansel K son 6 WVWVWV Hansel Kaye 3/11/1913

1930 Washington, Jackson, WV
Skeen, Mary 56 wd md age 21 WVWVWV
James son 22 WVWVWV
Okey son 19 WVWVWV
Hansel son 17 WVWVWV

1940 Kentuck, Washington, Jackson, WV
alll born WV, 1935: lived rural Jackson Co, WV
Skeen, Mary 66 w
Marcella gd 13
Anderson, Ora da 44 wd
Henry gs 21 s
Dollie gd 19
Clinton gs 18
Clayton gs 9

Birth Record
Name: Floyd Ervin Skeen
Birth Date: 13 Mar 1897
Birth Place: Kentuck, Jackson, West Virginia
Sex: Male
Mother: Mary Catherine Harison, 23, born Goldtown
Father: Joseph Willie Dayton Skeen, 24, born Kentuck
2nd child, none had died before he was born
Signed Mary Chathern Skeen

These are the same cemetery, just different readings.
Skeen Cemetery, East of Kentuck
Row 4
Skeen, James B. 1908-1961 s/o Joseph W. D. & Mary C. Skeen
Skeen, Mary (Harrison) 1873 - 1951 wife of Joseph W. D. Skeen
Skeen, Joseph W. D. 1873 - 19__ s.o Joseph H. & Elizabeth (Fields) Skeen [incorrect data added by the person who read the cemetery]

Joseph Skeen Cemetery
Skeen, Mary Catherine Harrison Sept 1873- Dec 1, 1951 (dau of Franklin B. and Hannah (Bozzel) Harrison)
Skeen, James B. May 31, 1908- Dec 25, 1961 (son of Joseph Willie Dayton and Mary Catherine Harrison Skeen
Skeen, Joseph Sr. April 12, 1824-July 5, 1896 
Family F7092

Marriage Record
Date: 2/16/1899 at res of GW Hively
Place: Roane, West Virginia, United States
Creed Hively, 18, Roane Co, Roane Co
Leola Jane Taylor, 16, Roane Co, Roane Co
Informants: MB Taylor & GW Hively

1910 Harper, Roane, WV all born WV WV WV
Hively, Creed R 28 m1- 11y
Leota J 25 ,1- 11u 1-1 child
Alferd M son 9

1920 Harper, Roane, WV #82
Hively, Creed R 38
Lelda J 34
Alfred Mc son 19
Oris W son 7
Alma F da 5
Nellie M da 2 4/12 Nellie Masel 8/10/1917

1930 Charleston, Kanawha, WV all born WV WV WV
Hively, Creed R 48 md age 18
Leota J 45 md age 14
Oras W son 17
Nelllie M da 12

1940 Charleston, Kanawha, WV
both born WV, 1935: lived Charleston, WV
Hively, Creed R 58 stone mason
Maoti J wife 55 
Family F12620

Marriage Record
Date: 3/16/1909 at bride's residence near Winfield
Place: Putnam, West Virginia, United States
Perry Wallace Simpson, 17, Putnam Co, Putnam Co
Lee Nora Shirtz, 16, Putnam Co, Putnam Co
Informants - J W Rhodes & letter from Jennie Shirtz, mother of Lee Nora

1920 Lewis, Mason, WV
Simpson, Perry W 27 m WV WV WV
Emma wife 26 m WV WV WV
Golda da 9 WV WV VW
Freeda da 8 WV WV WV
Ruby da 6 WV W WV
Lillian da 3 WV WV WV
Macel da 1 4/12 WV WV WV
Shiltz, Jennie mil 66 wd WV WV WV

1930 Lewis, Mason, WV all born WV WV WV
Simpson, Perry 37 md age 17
Emma wife 36 md age 16
Freeda da 17 s
Ruba da 15
Lillian da 13
Macil da 11 
Family F27344

Marriage Record
Date: 9/3/1903
Place: Mason, West Virginia, United States
Esley Smith, 30, Jackson Co, Mason Co
Mrs Minnie Hill , 30, Mason Co, Mason co

1910 Union, Putnam, WV all born WV WV WV
Smith, Leslie 38 m2- 6y
Minnie 38 m2- 6y 6-5 children
Crumon son 8 [Truman Hill]
Alice F da 4
Icy da 1 6/12
Hill, Lawson ss 15
Savala ss 12

1920 Union, Putnam, WV
Smith, Lesley 47
Minnie 48
Forthi da 13
Icy da 11
Asle da 9
Mabel da 7
Ruby da 5
Truman ss 18

1930 Union, Putnam, WV all born WV WV WV
Smith, Minnie 54 md age 22
Ruby E da 16
Alfred W gs 6

1930 Union, Mason, WV
l/w Enoch R Smith
Smith, Eslie bro 56 div md age 20 WVWVWV

Birth Record, delayed
Name: Icey Marie Smith
Birth Date: 04 Oct 1908
Birth Place: , Putnam, West Virginia
Sex: Female
Mother: Minnie Jividen, born Mason Co
Father: Esley Smith, born Mason Co
Affidavit of Aunt, Lizzie Litle, age 81 yrs, 9/30/1965
Signed Icey Marie Smith Lawson

Birth Record, delayed
Name: Acile Smith
Birth Date: 18 Apr 1910
Birth Place: Salt Lick, Putnam, West Virginia
Sex: Female
Mother: Minnie Jividen, born Mason Co
Father: Esley Smith, born Mason Co
Affidavit of half brother, Truman Hill, age 71 yr, 3/10/1972
Signed Acile Young 
Family F26859

Marriage Record
Date: license 1/1/1879 marriage 1/2/1879
Place: Jackson, West Virginia, United States
Wm Anderson, 23, res Jackson Co
Elizabeth J Brown, 23, res Jackson

1880 Ravenswood, Jackson, WV #40-41
Anderson, W H 23 WV WV WV
Lizza Jane 23 WV PA WV
Ruth E 5/12 May da WVWVWV
Grim, Alda f 11 raising WV PA PA

1900 Reedy, Roane, WV all born WV WV WV
Anderson, W H 7/1849 50 m 22y
Lizzie J 12/1854 44 m- 22y 6-5 children
Ruth E da 12/1879 20
Hepsiebeth da 6/1882 17
Cordelia da 2/1885 15
Georgiane da 7/1890 9
R R son 5/1895 5

1910 Reedy, Roane, WV
Anderson, W H 53 m1- 25y WVWVWV
Lizzie J 55 m1- 25y 5-4 children
Corda da 23 s WVWVPA
Georgia da 19 WVWV PA
Roy son 13 WVWVPA Ray R 5/13/1895 Roane

1920 Reedy, Roane, WV
Anderson, William M 63 WV WV VA
Lizzie J 62 WV PA WV
Brown, Lilie niece 15 WV WV WV
Riger, Cathaline gd 9 wV WV WV
Elizabeth gd 7 WV WV WV

Birth Record , delayed
Name: Cordelia Annis Anderson
Birth Date: 2/3/1885
Birth Place: Sandyville, Jackson, West Virginia, United States
Sex: Female
Mother: Elizabeth Jane Brown
Father: William Harry Anderson, born Sandyville 
Family F26867

Marriage Record
Date: license 12/25/1869 marriage 1/6/1870
Place: Kanawha Co, WV
William Sigmon, 23
Mary Jane Stonestreet, 16, by her father Jacob Stonestreet, present

1880 Poca, Kanawha, WV all born WV WV WV
Sigman, William 35
Mary J 25
Jno L 10 son
Martha 8 da
Nancy 6 da
William 4 son
Jacob 10/12 July son
Mary 27 sister

1900 Guthrie, Union, Kanawha, WV
Sigmon, William 4/1845 m 30y E VA WV WV
Mary J 11/1852 m 30y 13-9 children WV Iowa E VA
Jacob E son 7/1879 s WVWVWV
Laura A da 2/1884 WVWVWV
Arminta A da 4/1887 WVWVWV
Rebecca F da 10/1892 WWVWV
Alberta da 6/1895 WVWVWV

1910 Charleston, Kanawha, WV
Sigmon, William 64 m1- 40 VA VA VA
Mary J 58 m1- 40y 13-8 children WV VA WV
John L son 39 wd WV VA WV
Withrow, Mintie da 22 m1- 4y 3-1 child WV VA WV
Sigmon, Forrest R gs 3 WV WV WV [5/10/1907 Kan, parents John & Isa ]
Withrow, Joseph F gs 1 11/12 WVWVWV

1920 Charleston, Kanawha, WV all born WV WV WV
Sigman, Mary J 69 wd
Theodore F gs 13
Jones, Louisa boarder 56 s
Andrew boarder 64 s

Kanawha Co Births [these 4 would make 13 children]
MA (f) 4/22/1886, Wm & MJ Sigmon
SM (f) 9/22/1881, Wm & Mary
F E (f) 4/27/1888. Wm & Mary
SM (f) 4/25/1890, Wm & M 
Family F26791

Marriage Record
Date: 20 Feb 1882
Place: Calhoun, West Virginia
John J Bailey, 22, Calhoun, Calhoun, DE & Jane Bailey
Malessa Haverty, 22, Calhoun, Calhoun, Wm H & Ailsy Haverty

1900 Washington, Calhoun, WV all born WV WV WV
Bailey, John 5/1861 m 18y
Malissa M 12/1862 m 18y 8-5 children
Dora E da 11/1882
Cora V da 4/1884
Emley da 2/1889
Dodridge son 5/1896
Alcy da 9/1898
Dewees, Balos servant 6/1880

1910 Washington, Calhoun, WV all born WV WV WV
Bailey, John J 50 m1- 29y
Malissa M 49 m1- 39y 10-7 children
D E son 14
Alsie da 11
Roy son 9
Orville son 6
Siers, Cora V da 24 d 3-3 children
Ora gd 4
Orvia gd 3
Dewease, Willie servant 22
French servant 17 
Family F26183

Marriage Record
Date: 5/31/1929
Place: Kanawha, West Virginia, United States
Blake Litton, 19, Jackson, Kanawha
Cloa Burgess, 19, Jackson, Kanawha

1920 Charleston, Kanawha, WV
Litton, E L 39
Rebecca wife 37
Alice da 14
Flossie da 10
Blake son 8
Hatcher, Leslie boarder 16

1930 Charleston, Kanawha, WV all born WV WV WV
Litton, Ezra L 49 md age 26
Rebecca A wife 45 md age 22
Blake son 19 md age 18
Helen G da 7
Cloa M dil 17 md age 16

1940 Doylestown, Wayne, Ohio
All born WV, in 1935: Charleston, WV
Litton, Ezra L 59
Rebecca A 56
Helen G da 17
Arnold B son 19
Cloa M dil 27
Barbara S gd 9
James R gs7
Raymond E gs 2 
Family F24943

Mary Odess Hill
Mary Odessa McCollum Hill
Birth: Jul. 30, 1884
Jackson County
West Virginia, USA
Death: May 21, 1965
Jackson County
West Virginia, USA
Mary, married Ward Milo Hill, January 15, 1910 in Jackson Co., WV., Mary was Ward's second wife. Mary and Ward had 7 children:
Family links:
Ward Milo Hill (1887 - 1962)*
*Calculated relationship
Leon Cemetery
Mason County
West Virginia, USA
Created by: Phillip H. Pitzer
Record added: Mar 25, 2010
Find A Grave Memorial# 50216302 
McCollum, Mary Odessa (I105541)

Mt Olive Cemetery
Newton Armstrong 8/9/1887, aged 2m 6d.

His birth record shows he was born 6/3/1887, unnamed. Death record shows he, died July 3, 1 month old. Death date for Victoria shows 6/25 but marker shows 6/12. 
Ball, Newton (I90361)

Name: Lide Cowen Casto
Sex: Female
Death Date: 1 Jun 1946
Death Place: Ripley, Jackson, West Virginia
Age at Death: 86y 11m 27d
Cemetery: Casto, Fairplain
Birth Date: 6/5/1869
Birth Place:
Marital Status: married
Spouse: H. J. Casto, age 84
Mother: Diadiema Jones
Mother's Birth Place: Burlingham, Ohio
Father: Geo Cowen
Father's Birth Place: Greene Co, PA
Informant: Dale G Casto, Charleston, WV 
Cowen, Lide (I51506)

Name: Martha M. Hopkins
Death Date: 13 Nov 1946
Death Place: Roane, West Virginia
Age at Death: 79y 11m 22d
Burial Place:
Burial Date:
Cemetery: Kurkhart Cem on Granneys Creek
Funeral Home:
Birth Date: 11/22/1866
Birth Place: Gandeeville, WV
Marital Status:
Spouse: Floyd Hopkins, dec'd
Mother: Carolina Canterbury
Mother's Birth Place: Monroe Co
Father: Fredrick Gandee
Father's Birth Place: Walton, WV
Informant: Fred Hopkins, Newton, WV 
Gandee, Martha M (I22789)

Name: Stephen Caleb/Hamon
Sex: Male
Death Date: 7 May 1952
Death Place: Kentuck, Jackson, West Virginia
Age at Death: 85y 4m 1d
Burial Place: 85y4m1d
Cemetery: Skeen
Birth Date: 1/6/1867
Birth Place: Virginia
Marital Status: widowed
Mother: Francis/Kiser
Mother's Birth Place:
Father: Joseph/Hamon
Father's Birth Place:
Informant: Mrs Nellie Miller 
Hamon, Stephen Caleb (I43525)

Richard V. J. Parnel
Birth: May 8, 1926
Death: Jan. 6, 1949

Shoestring Cemetery
Lewis County
Washington, USA
Created by: Piper
Record added: Jun 08, 2008
Find A Grave Memorial# 27431009 
Parnel, Richard V J (I106025)

Robert Edgar Cooper
Birth: Oct. 25, 1872
Cass County
Missouri, USA
Death: Aug. 8, 1948

Robert Edgar Cooper,his brothers and father came by train to Chehalis from Harrisonville, MO, in 1879. They then moved to Harmony which was located north of Chehalis. Ed soon traveled over the mountains following an Indian trail to forty acres he had bought from Northern Pacific Railroad at Bremer, where he built a small, split-cedar, two-room house.
He married Emma Pearl Casto on December 23, 1897. Ed did various jobs to support his family: a trapper, peeled cascara bark, worked on county roads, and repaired telephone lines, picked hops and worked on shingle-bolt drives.
In later years, Ed bought a threshing machine and would go from farm to farm during harvest season threshing wheat, oats and barley.
On March 4, 1899 their son Harry William was born.
Ed liked to fish on the Tilton and Cowlitz Rivers. He was one of the first farmers at Bremer to own a car. It was a 1916 Model T. Ford Touring car.
His father is James Addison Cooper a Civil War veteran
Brothers; George, Ernest and Elbert.
This information was found in the book: The History of Lewis County Washington.

Family links:
Emma Pearl Castro Cooper (1882 - 1944)

Morton City Cemetery
Lewis County
Washington, USA
Plot: Right section Row 12
Created by: Cemetery Wanderer
Record added: Sep 25, 2012
Find A Grave Memorial# 97788028 
Cooper, Robert Edgar (I106015)

Roger L. Kuhn
Birth: 1939
Death: Aug. 10, 2000
Family links:
Betty Lou Koon Kuhn (1939 - 2009)
East Lawn Memorial Park
Washington County
Ohio, USA
Created by: Anna
Record added: Sep 23, 2014
Find A Grave Memorial# 136309069 
Kuhn, Roger (I75181)

She is probably the daughter of James and Marinda 
Hughes, Marietta Caroline (I15615)

Son Isaac's death record shows she was a Fisher 
Fisher, Melissa Jane (I4772)

Thomas C Bailey
Birth: Nov. 5, 1848
Death: Jul. 11, 1921
Warner Chapel Cemetery
Mason County
West Virginia, USA
Created by: Jim and Elizabeth
Record added: Mar 18, 2012
Find A Grave Memorial# 86957960 
Bailey, Thomas Chapman (I105383)

U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946
Name: Leon M Milam
Birth Year: 1923
Race: White, citizen (White)
Nativity State or Country: West Virginia
State of Residence: West Virginia
County or City: Kanawha
Enlistment Date: 3 Mar 1943
Enlistment State: Kentucky
Enlistment City: Fort Thomas Newport
Branch: No branch assignment
Branch Code: No branch assignment
Grade Code: Private
Term of Enlistment: Enlistment for the duration of the War or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law
Component: Selectees (Enlisted Men)
Source: Civil Life
Education: 4 years of high school
Marital Status: Single, without dependents
Height: 88
Weight: 076

U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-2014
Name: Leon Milam
SSN: 235-28-4484
Last Residence: 25320 Charleston, Kanawha, West Virginia, USA
BORN: 28 Feb 1923
Last Benefit: 25320 Charleston, Kanawha, West Virginia, United States of America
Died: Mar 1983
State (Year) SSN issued: West Virginia (Before 1951) 
Milam, Leon Mark (I105237)

U.S. World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942
Name: Joseph Bailey Smith
Birth Date: 14 Jun 1888
RESIDENCE: Roane, West Virginia
Birth: Roane, West Virginia
Roll: WW2_2240290
Note regarding the images for the states of PA, MD, WV, and DE. These four states were scanned at the National Archives facility in such a way that the back of one person’s draft card appears on the same image as the front of the next individual. The result is that when you click to view the original image, you will see the correct front side of the draft card, but the back of the previous soldier’s card. Ancestry is aware of this problem, and is working to correct this issue.

Social Security Death Index
about Joseph Smith
Name: Joseph Smith
SSN: 235-10-9905
Last Residence: 25301 Charleston, Kanawha, West Virginia, United States of America
Born: 6 Jun 1888
Died: Aug 1967
State (Year) SSN issued: West Virginia (Before 1951 ) 
Smith, Joseph Bailey (I64229)

U.S., World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
Name: Clarence Ray White
Address: Beverly
County: Morgan
State: Ohio
Birthplace: Beoketh, [?]Ohio
Birth Date: 5 Feb 1897
Age: 21
Occupation: Farmer
Nearest Relative: Layton White, McConnelsville, OH
Color of Eyes/Hair: gray/brown

Ohio Soldiers in WWI, 1917-1918
Name: Clarence R. White
Age: 21
Race: White
Birth Date: 5 Feb 1897
Birth Location: Beckett, Ohio, USA
Enlistment Date: 3 Sep 1918
Enlistment County: McConnelsville
Enlistment State: Ohio
Enlistment Division: National Army
Decorations and Awards: View image
Rank: View image
Advancement: View image
Comments: 158 Depot Brigade to 7 Nov 1918; Co F 380 Infantry to Discharge Private Honorable discharge 30 Jan 1919.

U.S., World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942
Name: Clarence Ray White
Birth Date: 5 Feb 1897
Birth Place: Beckett, Ohio, USA
Residence: Chester, Hancock, West Virginia, USA
Age: 45
Occupation: Goddard Bakers Inc
Nearest Relative: Mrs Clarence R White
Height/Build: 5'6" 143lb
Color of Eyes/Hair: Blue/brown

U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-2014
Name: Clarence White
SSN: 232-07-3527
Last Residence: 26034 Chester, Hancock, West Virginia, USA
BORN: 5 Feb 1897
Died: Feb 1976
State (Year) SSN issued: North Carolina or West Virginia (Before 1951) 
White, Clarence Ray (I105061)

U.S., World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
Name: Roma Leeland Hammack
Address: Kettle
County: Roane
State: West Virginia
Birth Date: 9 Jun 1880
Race: White
Age: 38
Occupation: farmer
Nearest Relative: Rena Hammack, Kettle
Height/Build: Medium/medium
Color of Eyes/Hair: Blue/brown 
Hammack, Roma Leeland (I105651)

U.S., World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
Name: Joseph Wisley Stover
[Joseph Wesley Stover]
County: Putnam
State: West Virginia
Birthplace: West Virginia,United States of America
Birth Date: 23 Jan 1890
Race: Caucasian (White)
Age: 27
Occupation: farmer
Nearest Relative: wife

U.S., World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942
Name: Joseph Westley Stover
[Joseph Wesley Stover]
Birth Date: 23 Jan 1890
Birth Place: Putnam, West Virginia
Residence: Robertsburg, Putnam, West Virginia
Age: 52
Occupation: farmer
Nearest Relative: Katie Stover
Height/Build: 6'1" 172 lb
Color of Eyes/Hair: blue/brown 
Stover, Joseph Wesley (I100570)

West Virginia, Deaths Index, 1853-1973
Name: Clessie C. Casto
Birth Date: abt 1906
Death Date: 7 May 1971
Death Place: Charleston, Kanawha, West Virginia
Death Age: 65
Gender: Male
Father Name: Casto
Mother Name: Lizzie Casto
FHL Film Number: 2114466

U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-2014
Name: Clessie Casto
SSN: 235-16-8854
Last Residence: 25143 Nitro, Kanawha, West Virginia, USA
BORN: 12 Mar 1906
Died: May 1971
State (Year) SSN issued: West Virginia (Before 1951) 
Casto, Rev Clessie Clarence (I21870)

West Virginia, Deaths Index, 1853-1973
Name: Dewitt Rucker Holcomb
Death Date: 23 Feb 1966
Death Place: Fayette, West Virginia
Father Name: Pascal Holcomb
FHL Film Number: 1992147

Death Record
Name: DeWitt Rucker/Holcomb
Sex: Male
Death Date: 28 Feb 1966
Death Place: Montgomery, Fayette, West Virginia
Age at Death: 76y
Marital Status: W
Occupation: Ret. Miner
Informant: Doctor 
Holcomb, Dewitt Rucker (I96662)

William Ellis Meredith
Birth: Dec. 20, 1845
Death: Aug. 8, 1919
s/o Thomas & Edith A. Hartley Meredith
Family links:
Rachel Calhoun Roberts Meredith (1845 - 1898)
Albert Victor Meredith (1874 - 1951)*
Carrie A Meredith Pomroy (1876 - 1946)*
Leroy Fairfax Meredith (1883 - 1958)*
*Calculated relationship
Knights of Pythias Cemetery
Wirt County
West Virginia, USA
Maintained by: Carol Thorne
Originally Created by: Crystal
Record added: Mar 23, 2011
Find A Grave Memorial# 67307945 
Meredith, William Ellis (I105856)

Wilma Eileen Staats Vickers, 96, passed away Monday, February 4, 2013, at Morningside Assisted Living of Raleigh, N.C.
Born in Ripley, Eileen was the eldest daughter of Oshel and Ora Staats. In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her husband, William Henry Vickers Jr.; brothers, John Robert Staats and Oshel Frederick Staats; and sister, Oreta Mae Pitchford.

Eileen was a Ripley High School graduate and received her teaching certificate from Marshall College. She was a teacher, homemaker, church pianist at Elkview Baptist Church and the author of a book, Casto Cousins. She and Bill traveled extensively, searching through courthouse records, obituaries, cemeteries, deeds and wills, collecting facts for her book.
Eileen was supportive of the gay rights movement, encouraging understanding and acceptance.

Funeral service is scheduled for 11 a.m. Friday, February 8, at Waybright Funeral Home, Ripley, with the Rev. Charles Hicks presiding. Private interment will follow later in the day at Fairplain Cemetery. 
Staats, Wilma Eileen (I22671)

Worthy Gale Perine - Clarksburg Exponent/Telegram, The
WESTON -- Worthy Gale Perine, 69, of Lost Creek (McWhorter community), died at 4:20 p.m. on Monday, April 11, 2005, in Louis A. Johnson V.A. Medical Center in Clarksburg, WV, following an extended illness.

Born on May 10, 1935, in Exchange, Braxton County, WV, he was a son of the late Theodore Roosevelt Perine and Edna Mae (Hardman) Perine.

Survivors include one son, Eddie Joe (wife Autumn) Perine, Parkersburg, WV; four grandchildren, Micah Perine, Weston, WV, and Edward, James and Elijah Perine, all of Parkersburg, WV; one brother, Robert P. Perrine, Weston, WV; one half-sister, Anita V. Hefner, Weston, WV; several nieces and nephews; and several great-nieces and nephews.

He was preceded in death by one brother, Harold R. Perine; one half-brother, William Aubrey Casto; and one half-sister, Audrey Irene Watson.

Mr. Perine was a glassworker with Lewis County Glass in Jane Lew, WV, with many years' service. He was a United States Air Force veteran of the Korean War and was a member of the West Milford Baptist Church. He was a member of the National Rifle Association and enjoyed fishing and turkey and deer hunting.

Friends may call at the Faith Baptist Church, Mid Avenue, Weston (Shadybrook community) on Saturday from 11 a.m. until the funeral hour of 1 p.m. Funeral services will be held at 1 p.m. on Saturday from the Faith Baptist Church, with Reverend Robert Perrine officiating. Full military honors will be accorded. At the request of the deceased, his body will be cremated following the funeral service. Interment of the cremains will be held at a later date in the West Virginia National Cemetery in Grafton, WV.

Floyd Funeral Home of Weston. 
Perine, Worthy Gale (I101098)

Rosalee Bowling - Advocate - (Dec/9/2003) [Newark, Ohio]
Sept. 4, 1938 - Nov. 4, 2003
A funeral service for Rosalee Bowling, 65, of Newark will be held Saturday at 10 a.m. at Criss-Schoedinger Funeral Chapel with the Rev. Robert L. Knox officiating. Interment will be at Cedar Hill Cemetery.
Mrs. Bowling was born Sept. 4, 1938, in Braxton County, W.Va., to the late Oley George and Elizabeth Margaret (Fisher) Casto.
She was retired from Debolt after 25 years of building ATM machines. She enjoyed anything outdoors, including hiking, planting flowers, working in the yard and boating.
She is survived by her husband, William T. Bowling, whom she married in 1970; sons, Donald James Knight and Mark Dion Knight, both of Newark; daughters and sons-in-law, Margie and Dan Brehm and Marilyn and Jamie Brown, all of Newark; grandchildren, Rhonda Lee Wolfe, Wendy Nason, Tiffany D. Knight, Jimmy Gause, Michael Gause, Casey Brehm and D.J. Knight; nine great-grandchildren; brothers and sisters, Ruby Brown of Newark, Bacil Casto of Buckeye Lake, Opal Hinkle of New Martinsville, W. Va., Thelma Haymond of Braden, Pa. and Annabell Damrom of Lucasville; half-sister, Anita Cauthern of Weston, W.Va.; and several nieces and nephews.
She was preceded in death by her parents; brothers, Roy Casto and William Aubry Casto; and sister, Irene Warner.
Friends may call at the funeral home on Friday from 2 to 4 and 6 to 8 p.m.
The family suggests contributions to Hospice of Central Ohio or The James Cancer Center.
Condolences may be e-mailed at www.crissschoedinger.com.

Social Security Death Index
Name: Rosalee Bowling
SSN: 218-36-0976
Last Residence: 43055 Newark, Licking, Ohio, United States of America
Born: 4 Sep 1938
Died: 4 Nov 2003
State (Year) SSN issued: Maryland (1955-1956)

Ohio, Deaths, 1908-1932, 1938-2007 about Rosalee Bowling
Name: Rosalee Bowling
[Rosalee Casto]
Birth Date: 4 Sep 1938
Gender: Female
Race: White
Hispanic Origin: Not Hispanic (Latino)
Residence City: Newark
Residence County: Licking
Residence State: Ohio
Residence Zip Code: 43055
Residence Country: United States
Death Date: 4 Nov 2003
Death Time: 12:00 PM
Hospital of Death: Private Residence
City of Death: Newark
County of Death: Licking
Certificate: 91401
Age at Death: 65
Registrar's Certificate Number: 000638
Certifier: Physician
Referred to Coroner: Not Referred to Coroner
Autopsy: No Autopsy performed
Method of Disposition: Burial
Filing Date: 7 Nov 2003
Hospital Status: Other/residence
Injury at Work: Unclassifiable
Father's Surname: Casto
Mother's Maiden Name: Fisher
Marital Status: Married
Education: 10
Armed Forces Indicator: No
Industry of Decedent: Industry Not Classifiable
Occupation of Decedent: Industry Not Classifiable
Primary Registration District: 4501 
Casto, Rosalee (I100896)

Custer, Millwood (I110952)

Feagens, James Edward (I110254)

Ova Ray Randolph departed this life surrounded by family on Dec. 2, 2014 at CAMC Hospital, Charleston. He spent one week in ICU due to heart failure and pneumonia, complicated by dementia. He was 84 years old. Ray was born to Tommy and Dessie Casto Randolph in Kenna on March 20, 1930. He attended Ripley schools and worked for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (B&O, Chessie System, CSX) from 1952 until his retirement in 1988. He was an agent and operator at railroad stations throughout West Virginia, including Ripley, Ravenswood, Spencer, Point Pleasant, Benwood Junction, Fairmont and others. He was known as "Randy" to his co-workers.Ray married Doris Long in 1949 and just celebrated their 65th anniversary last month at home with all of their children and grandchildren. He was a devoted family man and loved any occasion that included cake. He lived a simple, happy life. He provided for his family well in many ways. He was our guy for driving teacher, car mechanic, babysitter, purse-holder and taxi service for all. He told great stories, like the turkey round-up and drive to Charleston for some spending money, as well as many other adventures on the family farm.After his retirement, he enjoyed walking in the park, puttering around the house or sitting on the front porch taking in the view. He loved the beauty of nature and was constantly pointing out a deer or other creature that he so easily spotted to his children. He derived great pleasure by playing his harmonica to Johnny Cash songs or making up his own tunes to entertain family and friends. He sometimes had accompaniment by his great-grandson, Kaiden. He always enjoyed comedy TV and liked to share his laughter watching The Red Green Show. Always quick with a humorous quip or rhyme, his kids share his wonderful sense of humor. Ray was a hard worker and instilled in his family a love of trains and train travel. Vacations were by train to Washington, D.C., for culture, Delaware to visit family and twice to California to visit his daughter. He was proud that he could say he had the chance to step into both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. But he was happy being home again. He liked simple pleasures like homemade ice cream, simple meals with spaghetti and peanut butter sandwiches ranking high. Ray is survived by his devoted wife, Doris; children, Vicki (Ed) Cunniffe of Pleasanton, Calif., Steven and Kevin, and Sheila (Larry) Lokant, all of Ripley. He is also survived by a sister, Gaye (Roy) Canterbury of Louden, Tenn., and brother, Ronald (Jean), and sister-in-law, Arline Randolph, of Ripley; five grandchildren, Justin, Brooke and Jillian Randolph, all of Ripley, and Ryan and Caitlin Lokant of Morgantown; great -grandchild, Kaiden Randolph; as well as three step-grandchildren in California and Madrid, Spain, and six step-great-grandchildren in California. He also leaves several treasured nieces and nephews, and special family friend, Beverly Douglas Lawson. He will be greatly missed by all. He was preceded in death by his parents, Tommy and Dessie Casto Randolph, and brother, Delton Randolph. Service will be 2 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 6, at Epworth United Methodist Church, 299 N. Church St., Ripley. Interment at Pine Hill Cemetery. Visitation will be from noon to 2 p.m. at the church. Refreshments and a celebration of Ray's life will be held at the church hall following the committal service at the cemetery.So, to honor Ray's memory, eat a nice plate of spaghetti or a PB&J sandwich and top off with some peanut butter fudge. Or, please consider donations in honor of Ray Randolph to the Alzheimer's Association at National Office, 225 N. Michigan Ave., Floor 17, Chicago, IL 60601, or to the Epworth United Methodist Church Memorial Fund , 299 N. Church St., Ripley, WV 25271, in lieu of flowers. 
Randolph, Ova Ray (I6790)

Barbary Lee Allen Dawson (1808 - 1832, Nelson Co, VA)
Allen Family Cemetery near Massies Mill
Nelson County
Virginia, USA
Richardson Henley Dawson (1828 - 1920)*
Susan Dawson Maxwell/Farrar (1832 - 1927)*
Created by: Vanilla Heart
Record added: Dec 28, 2012
Find A Grave Memorial# 102738510 
Allen, Barbara Lee (I102787)

1900 Ravenswood, Jackson, wV
Waskey, Robert C 11/1842 57 m 11y VA VA VA
Agnis J 4/1858 42 m 11y 2-2 children VA OH WV
John S son 8/1891 WV
Tennissee 4 da 6/1895 WV
Crow, Oscar bil 11/1866 WV OH WV 
Family F4883

1930 Union, Jackson, WV
Hannum, Charles E 58 md age 39 OH PA OH
Harriet R 39 md age 21 WV WV WV
Gay L da 15 WV OH WV Lorne Gaye
Elsie M da 11 OH OH WV
Charles E son 9 WV OH WV 2/18/1921
Ada L da 4 6/12 WV OH WV
Mildred I da 2 7/12 WV OH WV 9/18/1927
William D son 7/12 WV OH WV William Dale 9/19/1929 
Family F27069

5 children with 1st wife, Anna G. Brock who had twins in 1895 and died 1895 
Kiser, Noah Baldwin (I4787)

Death Record
Name: Joseph Newton/Stewart
Sex: Male
Death Date: 22 May 1922
Death Place: Point Pleasant, Mason, West Virginia
Age at Death: 75y 6m 23d
Cemetery: Stewart Burial Ground
Birth Date: 27 Nov 1846
Birth Place: Mason Co., W. Va.
Marital Status: M
Occupation: Farmer
Mother: Martha/Van Sickle
Mother's Birth Place: WV
Father: William/Stewart
Father's Birth Place: VA
Informant: Rillie F Taylor 
Stewart, Joseph Newton (I105076)

History of Roane County
In the year 1843, John and Elizabeth, with their family migrated to the Pocatalico River; she fell sick here and died in a short time after arrival. The older girls kept the pioneer cabin home a few years, marrying and leaving one at a time. The pioneer home was sold and John with his two younger boys and two daughers next have their home at Minersville, Ohio; in the meantime John has united in marriage with Miss Susan Utt; of this marriage were born one daughter and two sons. 
Bishop, John E (I748)

Marriage Record
Date: 11/2/1926 at Point Pleasant
Place: Mason, West Virginia, United States
Bradford Oran Hill, 30, Putnam Co, Putnam
Gatha May Cochran, 21, Mason, Mason 
Family F25745

Record of Marriage
Roy E Grimes and Roma Stanley
Roy : 24 yrs of age on 25th day of May 1909, reisidence Rutland, Place of birth, Rutland, occupation, farmer
Father's name: RA Grimes
Mother's maiden name Manta Chase
not previously married
Roma: 16 years of age on the 5th day of Jan 1909
Residence Rutland, place of birth unknown, no occupation, father and mother: (indentured) AA Stanley
Not previously married.
Wedding on July 9, 1909 by George Prall, JP

1910 Rutland, Meigs, OH # 66-68
Stanley, Archelaus A 68 m-1 34y OH WV OH physician
Eliza N wife 64 m1- 34y 0-0 child OH PA OH

1910 Rutland, Meigs, OH # 67-69
Grimes, Roy E 24 m1- 0y OHOHOH farmer
Roma S 17 m1- 0y 0-0 child OHOHOH

Ohio 1910 Census Miracode Index
Name: Roy E Grimes
Birthplace: Ohio
State: OH
Age: 24
Color: W
Enumeration District: 0108
Visit: 0069
County: Meigs
Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents: Relation Name Color Age Birth Place
Wife Roma S 17 Ohio

1920 Rutland, Meigs, OH # 16 all OHOHOH
Grimes, Roy E 34 m
Roma wife 24
Francis da 9
Gail da 8
Helen da 5

1930 Rutland, Meigs, OH # 47 all OHOHOH
Grimes, Roy 45 m age 24
Roma wife 33 m age 13
JayJohn, Francis da 20 m age 18
Garvin, Gail da 18 m age 18
Juanita da 9
Juateece da 5
JayJohn, Wilma gd 2

1940 Rutland, Meigs, OH
College Ave, owns non-farm worth $1000
Grimes, Roy E 54 Ohio 1935: lived same house section foreman Steam railway
Roma J wife 44 Ohio 1935: lived same house Field worker - retail cosmetics
Janteece da 15 Ohio 1935: lived same house
Ohlinger, Juanita E da 19 Mar [crossed out?] Ohio 1935: lived same house 
Family F13

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