"Pioneers of Roane County" by John A House

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We owe a debt of graditude to John House. He tramped the hills and creeks of Roane County and the surrounding area, talking to anyone who would stop a bit and oblige him, asking about who used to live here, when did they come, where did they come from, who were their kids? He roamed the cemeteries, making notes of what was written on stones that no longer stand today - 2007. His sources weren't always 100% correct, but he's given us so much from a time when written records were so very poor.

The book is arranged in geographical order, following the 'cricks' and runs and valleys, with 'chapters' about many of the pioneer families. You may find who you seek in more than one place.


Title Page

Reedy Valley

Sheppard's Fork of Right Reedy:
Its Early Settlers and Their Families

Early Settlers
Sheppard Family
Other Settlers
Conrad Family
Hartley Family
The Smith Family
The Ott Family
Enoch Family
Full Family
Bumgardner Family
Lockhart Family
Wiseman Family
Other Settlers on Sheppard's Fork
Thorne Family
Conrad Lands
Early Preachers

Lower Reedy: Between the Mouth of
Reedy Creek and Three Forks of Reedy

Early Settlers on Lower Reedy
Baker Family
Callison Family
Mollahan Family
Goff Family
The Boggs Family
Thomas Boggs' Anecdotes
Vandale Family
Leonard Simmons
Mace Family
Depue Family
Conrad Family
"Wagoner Sam" Hickle
Smith Farm and Family
Stutler Family
The George Family
Wagner Family
Sims Family
McClung Family
Pickerell Family

Reedy Village:
An Account of its Settlement

Reedy Colony Pioneer Families
Their Manners and Customs

Bord Family
Stewart Family
The Seaman Family
Cain Family
Lott Family
Murray Family
Roberts Family
Early Bridges and Roads
Early Mills
Early Schools and Teachers
The First Church
First Merchants
First Blacksmith
Early Doctors
Some Reedy Disasters
Mail Facilities
Chimney Rocks
Old Mounds
Signs, Superstitions and Witchcraft

Left Fork of Reedy:
Its Early Settlers and Their Families

Flesher Family
Callow Family
Smith Family
Kyger Family
Rader Family
Miller Family
Lester Family
Wright Family
Bush Family
Reynolds Family
Ingram Family
Sergeant Family
Cleavenger Family
Skidmore Family
Riddle Family
Goff Family
Hardman Family
Argabrite Family
Petty Family
Crislip Family
Harris Family
Douglas Family
Thomasson Family
McCauley Family
Boone Family
Badgett-Butcher Family
Drake Family

Middle Fork of Reedy
Its Early Settlers and Their Families

Chancey Family
Burdett Family
Keeney Family
Walker Family
Roach Family
Brown Family
Staats Family
Carney Family
Parsons Family
"Uncle" Joe Lee
Middle Fork - Miscellaneous
Old Charleston Road

Right Fork of Reedy
Its Early Settlers and Their Families

Davis Family
Knight Family
Campbell Family
Stalnaker Family
Hopkins Family
Shreve Family

Spencer and Vicinity

Tanner Family
Carpenter Family
Runyan Family
Greathouse Family
McWhorter Family
Holdwade Family
McCune Familyr
Cook Family
Mace Family
Conley Family
Brannon Family
Geary Family
Hickle Family
Norman Family
Woodyard Family
Weas Family
An Old Clipping
Siege of Spencer
Notes from J.C. Smith's Papers
The Oil Boon

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