West Virginia Pioneers

Kentucky, United States


Tree: WVPioneers
Latitude: 38.2004178, Longitude: -84.8776245


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abel, Lula M  Jul 1876Kentucky, United States I52184 WVPioneers 
2 Adkins, Celia  Jan 1838Kentucky, United States I79717 WVPioneers 
3 Adkins, James  Abt 1825Kentucky, United States I54841 WVPioneers 
4 Adkins, Winright  1837Kentucky, United States I112347 WVPioneers 
5 Amos, Harrison G.  Abt 1853Kentucky, United States I86395 WVPioneers 
6 Amos, S L A  Abt 1854Kentucky, United States I86402 WVPioneers 
7 Amos, Z H  Abt 1851Kentucky, United States I86385 WVPioneers 
8 Barnett, Mary  CA 1836Kentucky, United States I104280 WVPioneers 
9 Bellamy, Rufus  Aug 1853Kentucky, United States I6810 WVPioneers 
10 Bishop, Celia  CA 1831Kentucky, United States I114112 WVPioneers 
11 Bishop, David  CA 1862Kentucky, United States I114223 WVPioneers 
12 Bishop, Elizabeth  Apr 1827Kentucky, United States I4562 WVPioneers 
13 Bishop, John  CA 1869Kentucky, United States I114224 WVPioneers 
14 Bishop, Margaret  Abt 1820Kentucky, United States I53044 WVPioneers 
15 Bishop, Moses  CA 1832Kentucky, United States I761 WVPioneers 
16 Bishop, Nancy A  CA 1856Kentucky, United States I114219 WVPioneers 
17 Bishop, Rebecca  CA 1861Kentucky, United States I114222 WVPioneers 
18 Bishop, Sarah Ann  Jun 1827Kentucky, United States I747 WVPioneers 
19 Black, Benjamin  CA 1840Kentucky, United States I106556 WVPioneers 
20 Black, Cordelia  CA 1842Kentucky, United States I106557 WVPioneers 
21 Black, Elmore  CA 1807Kentucky, United States I106552 WVPioneers 
22 Black, George R  CA 1849Kentucky, United States I106560 WVPioneers 
23 Black, Joseph  CA 1835Kentucky, United States I106554 WVPioneers 
24 Black, Rosetta  CA 1847Kentucky, United States I106559 WVPioneers 
25 Black, Samuel J  CA 1837Kentucky, United States I106555 WVPioneers 
26 Black, Sarah J  CA 1844Kentucky, United States I106558 WVPioneers 
27 Black, William Henry  Mar 1833Kentucky, United States I106545 WVPioneers 
28 Blankenship, Anthony  Aug 1892Kentucky, United States I112167 WVPioneers 
29 Blankenship, Benjamin S  27 Dec 1853Kentucky, United States I114213 WVPioneers 
30 Blankenship, Chloe  CA 1876Kentucky, United States I112177 WVPioneers 
31 Blankenship, Cora  Oct 1894Kentucky, United States I112168 WVPioneers 
32 Blankenship, Ezekiel  Oct 1849Kentucky, United States I112165 WVPioneers 
33 Blankenship, Godfrey D  CA 1872Kentucky, United States I112175 WVPioneers 
34 Blankenship, Hammah  CA 1875Kentucky, United States I112176 WVPioneers 
35 Blankenship, Henry  CA 1862Kentucky, United States I114216 WVPioneers 
36 Blankenship, Hiram B  Abt 1835Kentucky, United States I40441 WVPioneers 
37 Blankenship, James B  CA 1858Kentucky, United States I114215 WVPioneers 
38 Blankenship, Kathleen  22 May 1903Kentucky, United States I112172 WVPioneers 
39 Blankenship, Oscar  CA 1900Kentucky, United States I112171 WVPioneers 
40 Blankenship, Sarah  CA 1878Kentucky, United States I112178 WVPioneers 
41 Blankenship, Sarah  Jan 1888Kentucky, United States I112166 WVPioneers 
42 Blankenship, Sarah A  15 Jun 1856Kentucky, United States I114214 WVPioneers 
43 Blankenship, Tenn  Mar 1884Kentucky, United States I112180 WVPioneers 
44 Blankenship, Troy  Jan 1899Kentucky, United States I112170 WVPioneers 
45 Blankenship, William  CA 1830Kentucky, United States I114211 WVPioneers 
46 Board, Edward H  Abt 1873Kentucky, United States I24290 WVPioneers 
47 Board, Erwin M  Abt 1869Kentucky, United States I24288 WVPioneers 
48 Board, Ruamia F  Abt 1871Kentucky, United States I24289 WVPioneers 
49 Brown, C P  Abt 1838Kentucky, United States I10326 WVPioneers 
50 Browning, Mitchell  CA 1846Kentucky, United States I93743 WVPioneers 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barber, Homer Clyde  20 Nov 1997Kentucky, United States I109386 WVPioneers 
2 Barber, John Lowell  26 Apr 1928Kentucky, United States I30569 WVPioneers 
3 Goldsmith, James A  28 Feb 1899Kentucky, United States I73973 WVPioneers 
4 Justice, James F  29 Dec 1852Kentucky, United States I112163 WVPioneers 
5 McGrew, John  CA 1900Kentucky, United States I28246 WVPioneers 
6 Reed, Birdie  28 Dec 2001Kentucky, United States I106970 WVPioneers 
7 Rogers, Amy Esther  1964Kentucky, United States I110313 WVPioneers 
8 Shafer, Samuel  Aft 13 Jun 1957Kentucky, United States I63309 WVPioneers 
9 Underwood, Boyd  Nov 1962Kentucky, United States I95028 WVPioneers 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Brown / Sayre  22 Jan 1932Kentucky, United States F25681 WVPioneers 
2 Mills / Rhodes  23 Oct 1948Kentucky, United States F18467 WVPioneers 
3 Van Nest / Parshall  Mar 1937Kentucky, United States F12499 WVPioneers