West Virginia Pioneers

New Jersey, United States


Tree: WVPioneers
Latitude: 40.1669389, Longitude: -74.5002806


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ackert, William A  Abt 1864New Jersey, United States I63209 WVPioneers 
2 Baremore, Samuel  Abt 1790New Jersey, United States I63156 WVPioneers 
3 Bise, Stephen  Abt 1777New Jersey, United States I48868 WVPioneers 
4 Boice, Mary  Abt 1781New Jersey, United States I11331 WVPioneers 
5 Burkhammer, Leonard  CA 1797New Jersey, United States I79280 WVPioneers 
6 Cain, Gamaliel  Abt 1810New Jersey, United States I19010 WVPioneers 
7 Cain, Rev Thomas  Abt 1781New Jersey, United States I17378 WVPioneers 
8 Crichfield, Rachel  New Jersey, United States I80782 WVPioneers 
9 Cruse, Margaret  1849New Jersey, United States I24393 WVPioneers 
10 Davis, Elijah  4 Jul 1810New Jersey, United States I8246 WVPioneers 
11 Dye, Daniel  31 Jul 1747New Jersey, United States I7774 WVPioneers 
12 Dye, Enoch  Abt 1753New Jersey, United States I7777 WVPioneers 
13 Dye, John  Abt 1750New Jersey, United States I7775 WVPioneers 
14 Dye, Vincent  Abt 1720New Jersey, United States I7754 WVPioneers 
15 Facemyers, Aaron  CA 1805New Jersey, United States I78803 WVPioneers 
16 Frank, Mary  Abt 1810New Jersey, United States I51604 WVPioneers 
17 GANDY, Phebe  CA 1736New Jersey, United States I470 WVPioneers 
18 Geroski, William  1909New Jersey, United States I114804 WVPioneers 
19 Gilliland, Daniel  15 Sep 1765New Jersey, United States I53541 WVPioneers 
20 Gilliland, Reuben  Abt 1798New Jersey, United States I8474 WVPioneers 
21 Goff, Tamar Hannah  Abt 1778New Jersey, United States I48659 WVPioneers 
22 Harper, James S  Abt 1848New Jersey, United States I28475 WVPioneers 
23 Harris, Jonathan  Bef 1760New Jersey, United States I9997 WVPioneers 
24 Hart, Peter  CA 1856New Jersey, United States I71468 WVPioneers 
25 Helper, Andrew  Abt 1780New Jersey, United States I66619 WVPioneers 
26 Highland, Eliza Ann  1802New Jersey, United States I92227 WVPioneers 
27 Holden, Peter W  Abt 1793New Jersey, United States I50578 WVPioneers 
28 Horner, Mary  Abt 1791New Jersey, United States I17379 WVPioneers 
29 Hughes, Thomas  1775New Jersey, United States I4092 WVPioneers 
30 Hyde, Sarah Ann  Abt 1775New Jersey, United States I10947 WVPioneers 
31 Johnson, Joseph  1793New Jersey, United States I3809 WVPioneers 
32 Johnson, Martha  Abt 1783New Jersey, United States I4418 WVPioneers 
33 Landon, Doctor J  Abt 1790New Jersey, United States I18266 WVPioneers 
34 Liston, Cassandra  15 Oct 1837New Jersey, United States I86405 WVPioneers 
35 Long, Edward F  Abt 1846New Jersey, United States I27686 WVPioneers 
36 Lott, John  Abt 1781New Jersey, United States I63845 WVPioneers 
37 Love, Sarah  Abt 1800New Jersey, United States I16065 WVPioneers 
38 Miller, Lucinda  Abt 1798New Jersey, United States I5987 WVPioneers 
39 Osborne, Ruth  New Jersey, United States I35657 WVPioneers 
40 Parent, Nancy  1803New Jersey, United States I86413 WVPioneers 
41 Ray, Jane  Abt 1794New Jersey, United States I12044 WVPioneers 
42 Riley, Emma  Jul 1848New Jersey, United States I22707 WVPioneers 
43 Russell, Ruel  Abt 1786New Jersey, United States I36655 WVPioneers 
44 Sayre, David  18 Dec 1762New Jersey, United States I3923 WVPioneers 
45 Spencer, Sarah Catherine  Abt 1818New Jersey, United States I7154 WVPioneers 
46 Starcher [Startzer], Jacob Antoni  15 Sep 1749New Jersey, United States I10127 WVPioneers 
47 Stewart, Benjamin  CA 1869New Jersey, United States I80760 WVPioneers 
48 Stewart, Lavera  CA 1863New Jersey, United States I80759 WVPioneers 
49 Stewart, Milton  CA 1853New Jersey, United States I80758 WVPioneers 
50 Stewart, Sarah  Nov 1853New Jersey, United States I80749 WVPioneers 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Liston, David  New Jersey, United States I86417 WVPioneers 
2 Murray, Jess Wilmer  Jan 1961New Jersey, United States I95890 WVPioneers 
3 Riley, Harry  Jan 1963New Jersey, United States I20138 WVPioneers 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Cain / Horner  Abt 1810New Jersey, United States F5815 WVPioneers 
2 Hughes / Moore  New Jersey, United States F9177 WVPioneers 
3 Rice / Boice  New Jersey, United States F3774 WVPioneers