West Virginia Pioneers

West Virginia, USA


Tree: Conner Family

Latitude: 38.9167, Longitude: -78.8333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Brewster, Loretta  13 Apr 1914West Virginia, USA I40389 Conner Family 
2 Burner, Margaret Lee  Abt 1866West Virginia, USA I40411 Conner Family 
3 Conner, Alfred  1908West Virginia, USA I15537 Conner Family 
4 Conner, Berl  Jul 1894West Virginia, USA I7572 Conner Family 
5 Conner, Cecil Carl  20 Sep 1906West Virginia, USA I18926 Conner Family 
6 Conner, David  Apr 1896West Virginia, USA I8173 Conner Family 
7 Conner, Eva V.  1904West Virginia, USA I11303 Conner Family 
8 Conner, Fred Hart  1906West Virginia, USA I2528 Conner Family 
9 Conner, George Quillis  1903West Virginia, USA I27501 Conner Family 
10 Conner, Grace A.  29 Apr 1913West Virginia, USA I7582 Conner Family 
11 Conner, Ida Mae  Apr 1869West Virginia, USA I8209 Conner Family 
12 Conner, John  1864West Virginia, USA I26913 Conner Family 
13 Conner, Kenneth Clay  12 Jan 1909West Virginia, USA I11888 Conner Family 
14 Conner, Laura C.  1905West Virginia, USA I2247 Conner Family 
15 Conner, Lottie M.  Aug 1891West Virginia, USA I2825 Conner Family 
16 Conner, Mary M.  1864West Virginia, USA I12491 Conner Family 
17 Conner, Neva May  Mar 1894West Virginia, USA I8153 Conner Family 
18 Conner, Virgil Clay  10 Jun 1916West Virginia, USA I22051 Conner Family 
19 Conner, Zovancia C.  1904West Virginia, USA I19363 Conner Family 
20 Daniels, Roxie Lille  Abt 1893West Virginia, USA I44543 Conner Family 
21 Ford, Rallo Brooks  30 Mar 1916West Virginia, USA I9302 Conner Family 
22 Fought, Mary Lou  7 Jan 1928West Virginia, USA I15339 Conner Family 
23 Higgins, Comfort Slavin  Abt 1818West Virginia, USA I9553 Conner Family 
24 Higgs, Curtis Earle  14 Apr 1891West Virginia, USA I15979 Conner Family 
25 Higgs, Edgar  Abt 1870West Virginia, USA I8179 Conner Family 
26 Holleron, Frank Ebert  19 Dec 1883West Virginia, USA I27424 Conner Family 
27 Houchen, Gretta Lorraine  4 Nov 1928West Virginia, USA I11438 Conner Family 
28 Houchin, Anna B.  Sep 1892West Virginia, USA I40410 Conner Family 
29 Houchin, Billie Dean  3 Sep 1934West Virginia, USA I43319 Conner Family 
30 Houchin, Dessie  18 Jan 1908West Virginia, USA I26617 Conner Family 
31 Houchin, E. Mcneel  Abt 1896West Virginia, USA I40396 Conner Family 
32 Houchin, Elizabeth Ellen  17 Nov 1886West Virginia, USA I40496 Conner Family 
33 Houchin, Ellis  Abt 1816West Virginia, USA I9562 Conner Family 
34 Houchin, Georgia B.  Abt 1888West Virginia, USA I40394 Conner Family 
35 Houchin, Harley C.  1903West Virginia, USA I26641 Conner Family 
36 Houchin, Inez Madge  4 Nov 1920West Virginia, USA I43297 Conner Family 
37 Houchin, Jefferson Lee  Abt 1863West Virginia, USA I9584 Conner Family 
38 Houchin, Jessie L.  Abt 1894West Virginia, USA I40395 Conner Family 
39 Houchin, Laura V.  11 Jan 1873West Virginia, USA I26250 Conner Family 
40 Houchin, Luella F.  Abt 1867West Virginia, USA I10632 Conner Family 
41 Houchin, Mary Louise  1910West Virginia, USA I40492 Conner Family 
42 Houchin, Mary P.  18 Jan 1899West Virginia, USA I17946 Conner Family 
43 Houchin, May  Apr 1877West Virginia, USA I40439 Conner Family 
44 Houchin, Nelly B.  20 Apr 1905West Virginia, USA I40400 Conner Family 
45 Houchin, Opal  1 Feb 1912West Virginia, USA I43294 Conner Family 
46 Houchin, Ross  1908West Virginia, USA I456 Conner Family 
47 Houchins, Willie  1901West Virginia, USA I33584 Conner Family 
48 Jasper, Victor Louis  26 Oct 1952West Virginia, USA I42350 Conner Family 
49 Kees, Marie Mable  Abt 1902West Virginia, USA I40727 Conner Family 
50 Kirby, Evelyn Hazel  Abt 1920West Virginia, USA I10326 Conner Family 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bonnett, Wilma Jaenetta  15 Oct 1987West Virginia, USA I4987 Conner Family 
2 Ripley, Leroy Erroll Jr.  16 Oct 1983West Virginia, USA I17586 Conner Family 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Houchen, Gary Ray  West Virginia, USA I3853 Conner Family 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Event    Person ID   Tree 
1 Winans, Sheila Florence  West Virginia, USA I3764 Conner Family