West Virginia Pioneers

Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abbott, Whrilie B  18 Jan 1928Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I113183 WVPioneers 
2 Archer, Donald Curtis  18 Feb 1923Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I46139 WVPioneers 
3 Beal, Lloyd Ernest  10 Jan 1927Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I55280 WVPioneers 
4 Matthews, Edgar Ernest  23 Mar 1928Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I39654 WVPioneers 
5 Parrish, Phyllis Jean  14 Sep 1937Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I62561 WVPioneers 
6 Rhodes, Florence Obyra  1909Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I51297 WVPioneers 
7 Rhodes, Irene Berthel  15 Mar 1926Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I68432 WVPioneers 
8 Rogers, Frances Virginia  Abt 1913Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I65279 WVPioneers 
9 Scyoc, Davey Lee  16 Sep 1930Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I114063 WVPioneers 
10 Tolley, Donald Ray  25 Nov 1953Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I56621 WVPioneers 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Archer, Walter Clay  15 Mar 1945Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I80184 WVPioneers 
2 Bailey, Lulu Fair  15 Jun 1987Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I68566 WVPioneers 
3 Baker, Roy Clyde  17 Oct 1985Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I104875 WVPioneers 
4 Ballou, Ernest Glenn  4 Sep 1965Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I93167 WVPioneers 
5 Blake, Hubert Doyle  6 May 1985Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I101798 WVPioneers 
6 Burdett, Laura Gillis  4 Jun 1998Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I64496 WVPioneers 
7 Casto, Aubra Parker  2 Apr 1993Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I22206 WVPioneers 
8 Casto, Donald C  1 Sep 1937Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I22397 WVPioneers 
9 Casto, Hattie Pearl  3 May 1992Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I21572 WVPioneers 
10 Casto, Joseph Arthur  10 Mar 1971Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I21218 WVPioneers 
11 Casto, Oma Macel  1 Aug 2002Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I21851 WVPioneers 
12 Casto, Robin B  16 Dec 1985Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I74617 WVPioneers 
13 Cobb, Ivil Gae  24 Jul 1986Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I40910 WVPioneers 
14 Conley, Mary J  Oct 1936Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I8735 WVPioneers 
15 Conley, Roy Mayford  11 Apr 1992Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I84083 WVPioneers 
16 Cottrell, John Sylvester  1956Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I81784 WVPioneers 
17 Cottrell, Vesta A  21 Sep 1977Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I73617 WVPioneers 
18 Fields, Lona D  23 May 1964Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I42399 WVPioneers 
19 Fisher, Crystal Alice  17 Mar 2009Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I59922 WVPioneers 
20 Fisher, Egar Lee  21 Sep 1987Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I117065 WVPioneers 
21 Garnes, Mary Elizabeth  10 May 1990Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I41925 WVPioneers 
22 Goodwin, Oscar F  7 Mar 1913Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I14417 WVPioneers 
23 Greenlee, Ola Osa  25 Sep 1967Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I18021 WVPioneers 
24 Harpold, James M  3 Dec 1944Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I14581 WVPioneers 
25 Heiney, Audrey Irene  7 Feb 1973Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I110140 WVPioneers 
26 Henthorn, Cecil  20 Oct 1957Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I53394 WVPioneers 
27 Hicks, George Leonard  CA 1947Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I101179 WVPioneers 
28 Hicks, Richard Wilson  CA 1942Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I101182 WVPioneers 
29 Hilton, James  1944Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I28136 WVPioneers 
30 Hudson, Benjamin F  13 Oct 1929Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I35306 WVPioneers 
31 Jones, Braley Ray  Feb 1981Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I61744 WVPioneers 
32 Jones, Glada Marie  25 Mar 1988Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I90555 WVPioneers 
33 Jones, Owen Harrison  25 Mar 1988Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I62494 WVPioneers 
34 Litton, Dora Ann  10 Dec 2000Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I61741 WVPioneers 
35 Matthews, Gerald Ray  1936Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I39656 WVPioneers 
36 McKenny, Laura B  Dec 1910Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I9176 WVPioneers 
37 McMurray, Frances Caroline M  1953Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I28019 WVPioneers 
38 Palmer, Mary  2 Jul 1950Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I72812 WVPioneers 
39 Park, Wilmer R  9 Dec 1875Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I96246 WVPioneers 
40 Parsons, Mayford Orr  27 Feb 1992Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I31657 WVPioneers 
41 Parsons, Susie  31 Oct 1937Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I10923 WVPioneers 
42 Rader, William Parkerson  4 Feb 1937Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I19281 WVPioneers 
43 Ranson, Kathryn  19 Jul 1995Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I75357 WVPioneers 
44 Rardin, Clyde Earl  23 Oct 1982Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I55284 WVPioneers 
45 Rardin, Marshal C  20 Dec 1986Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I28695 WVPioneers 
46 Rardin, Pearl Bessie  10 May 1996Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I28745 WVPioneers 
47 Rardin, Walter Claude  6 Dec 1970Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I55287 WVPioneers 
48 Rhodes, Charles William Bernard  22 Mar 1978Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I111413 WVPioneers 
49 Rhodes, Dennis Allen  3 May 1973Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I70308 WVPioneers 
50 Rhodes, Harold Willis  23 Mar 1941Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I44272 WVPioneers 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Baker, Roy Clyde  Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I104875 WVPioneers 
2 Fields, Ruble V  Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I44641 WVPioneers 
3 Heiney, Audrey Irene  Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I110140 WVPioneers 
4 Rader, Chester C  Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I80150 WVPioneers 
5 Rader, William Parkerson  Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I19281 WVPioneers 
6 Wood, Cordelia Elizabeth  Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA I55571 WVPioneers 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Hicks / Thomas  23 Apr 1916Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA F25904 WVPioneers 
2 Spencer / Heyser  Sep 1936Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA F24878 WVPioneers 
3 Westfall / Pugh  23 Nov 1939Akron, Summit, Ohio, USA F19714 WVPioneers