West Virginia Pioneers

Missouri, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anderson, Andrew Jackson  Feb 1851Missouri, USA I6814 WVPioneers 
2 Anthony, John William  Abt 1873Missouri, USA I58605 WVPioneers 
3 Arnold, Alfred D  Abt 1872Missouri, USA I25080 WVPioneers 
4 Arnold, Emma L  Abt 1869Missouri, USA I25078 WVPioneers 
5 Arnold, Lois Blanch  Abt 1870Missouri, USA I25079 WVPioneers 
6 Arnold, Margaret F  Abt 1875Missouri, USA I25082 WVPioneers 
7 Arnold, William F  Abt 1874Missouri, USA I25081 WVPioneers 
8 Blake, Octavia C  CA 1867Missouri, USA I75063 WVPioneers 
9 Boswell, Susan E  Mar 1870Missouri, USA I76336 WVPioneers 
10 Bridges, Isaac F  CA 1861Missouri, USA I69433 WVPioneers 
11 Bridges, Rosetta  CA 1865Missouri, USA I69434 WVPioneers 
12 Buchanan, Edward Powers  CA 1858Missouri, USA I113129 WVPioneers 
13 Buchanan, Ella B  CA 1862Missouri, USA I113130 WVPioneers 
14 Buchanan, Julia B  Apr 1857Missouri, USA I113128 WVPioneers 
15 Buchanan, Mary E  CA 1872Missouri, USA I113131 WVPioneers 
16 Buchanan, Thomas J  31 Aug 1835Missouri, USA I113126 WVPioneers 
17 Buchanan, Thomas Jason  27 Oct 1865Missouri, USA I113117 WVPioneers 
18 Burgess, Georgia  Abt 1863Missouri, USA I67638 WVPioneers 
19 Casto, Alma  May 1877Missouri, USA I106082 WVPioneers 
20 Casto, Ancel deL  CA 1872Missouri, USA I106080 WVPioneers 
21 Casto, Annie  CA 1906Missouri, USA I94549 WVPioneers 
22 Casto, Bessie  CA 1883Missouri, USA I106037 WVPioneers 
23 Casto, Blanche  1909Missouri, USA I94550 WVPioneers 
24 Casto, Charles  CA 1869Missouri, USA I106078 WVPioneers 
25 Casto, Charles H  Feb 1880Missouri, USA I94542 WVPioneers 
26 Casto, Cleora Adelaide  1867Missouri, USA I44351 WVPioneers 
27 Casto, Ella  CA 1868Missouri, USA I106077 WVPioneers 
28 Casto, Ellen T  Jul 1890Missouri, USA I94545 WVPioneers 
29 Casto, Emma Pearl  Feb 1882Missouri, USA I106009 WVPioneers 
30 Casto, Emmett L  Oct 1892Missouri, USA I94546 WVPioneers 
31 Casto, Ethel L  Aug 1886Missouri, USA I106057 WVPioneers 
32 Casto, Everett C  Jun 1882Missouri, USA I94543 WVPioneers 
33 Casto, Flora B  May 1875Missouri, USA I106081 WVPioneers 
34 Casto, Hattie Rosellie  1864Missouri, USA I44350 WVPioneers 
35 Casto, Ida  CA 1877Missouri, USA I94541 WVPioneers 
36 Casto, James C  Nov 1895Missouri, USA I94537 WVPioneers 
37 Casto, James W  Jun 1886Missouri, USA I94544 WVPioneers 
38 Casto, Jesse Oliver  10 Jan 1862Missouri, USA I44349 WVPioneers 
39 Casto, John F  Jun 1888Missouri, USA I106035 WVPioneers 
40 Casto, John Wesley  12 Apr 1860Missouri, USA I44348 WVPioneers 
41 Casto, Lilly M  Jul 1890Missouri, USA I106036 WVPioneers 
42 Casto, Louisa E  Abt 1859Missouri, USA I54633 WVPioneers 
43 Casto, Lulu F  1911Missouri, USA I104278 WVPioneers 
44 Casto, Malissa A  CA 1872Missouri, USA I106031 WVPioneers 
45 Casto, Margaret Elizabeth  Abt 1850Missouri, USA I4385 WVPioneers 
46 Casto, Mary J  CA 1877Missouri, USA I106033 WVPioneers 
47 Casto, Minnie  Jul 1898Missouri, USA I94538 WVPioneers 
48 Casto, Minnie May  27 May 1870Missouri, USA I44352 WVPioneers 
49 Casto, Mollie  Apr 1880Missouri, USA I106083 WVPioneers 
50 Casto, Nellie L  Mar 1880Missouri, USA I106034 WVPioneers 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cain, Jeanette P  20 May 1957Missouri, USA I31018 WVPioneers 
2 Casto, David D  4 Jan 1899Missouri, USA I4108 WVPioneers 
3 Cross, Tennessee Blanche  27 Jan 1911Missouri, USA I105860 WVPioneers 
4 Fisher, Hester 'Hetty'  5 Dec 1877Missouri, USA I13302 WVPioneers 
5 Mairs, Joseph  1870Missouri, USA I25103 WVPioneers 
6 McWhorter, Fields  1892Missouri, USA I23008 WVPioneers 
7 Mosbey, Rush Allen  18 Jun 1958Missouri, USA I105861 WVPioneers 
8 Peck, Frank S  2 Sep 1958Missouri, USA I106044 WVPioneers 
9 Pool, Peter  1904Missouri, USA I11545 WVPioneers 
10 Rupe, Susannah P  Abt 1919Missouri, USA I1287 WVPioneers 
11 Scarborough, Malinda Belle  28 Feb 1951Missouri, USA I94535 WVPioneers 
12 Slack, Ida C  Between 1920 and 1930Missouri, USA I115096 WVPioneers 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Butler / Hamon  Abt 1869Missouri, USA F17106 WVPioneers 
2 Coleman / McPike  22 Jan 1878Missouri, USA F9574 WVPioneers 
3 Roach / Watson  Missouri, USA F9346 WVPioneers