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1880 Census Place: Union, Jackson, West Virginia
Andrew CLICK Self M M W 34 PA
Melissa CLICK Wife F M W 30 OH
Moselle CLICK Son M S W 7M WV
Fa: PA Mo: OH

1900 Union, Jackson, WV # 115
Andrew Click, h, 7/1845, 22, PA, GER, GER
Melissa M, w, 6/1850, OH, Amsterdam, At Sea
Andrew L, s, 12/1880, WV, PA, OH
Carrier, Raymond W, bdr, 9/1883, 16, OH, GER, GER

1920 Union, Jackson, WV
Click, Andrew 74 PA (English) Germany Germany (both spoke German)
Melissa M 69 Ohio (English) Holland Holland (both spoke Dutch) 
Family F6552

1880 Census Place: Waggoner, Mason, West Virginia Page 399D
Lem'l B. MCGREW Self M M W 33 OH
Mary M. MCGREW Wife F M W 23 VA
Lillie C. MCGREW Dau F S W 12 WV
Idella M. MCGREW Dau F S W 10 WV
Estella M. MCGREW Dau F S W 8 WV
John MCGREW Son M S W 5 WV
George K.S. MCGREW Son M S W 2M WV

1920 JC Ravenswood Dist - Sandyville # 177-179
Lemurl 73
Mary 63
Smith, Nannie, 23, m dau
Verna, 2, gd
Chrster, 1, gs
Star, Forest, 2, none [m]

McGrew, Stella, 7/24/1889, 17y, [d] Sandy, [p] SB & MM [b] WV

McGrew, Lemuel 33 Jackson [Sandyville]
Sayre, Mary M 25 Jackson [Sandyville] 11/15/1882

1900 JC Ripley Dist # 134-138
Lemuel B McGrew, 6/1843 m 19y OH VA VA
Malvina M 7/1856 WV WV PA
Squire H 9/82
Augustus 5/84
Hugh B 2/87
Arland, sn, 9/88
George 1/91
Bernard 7/93
Mary R 3/95
Nannie L 8/1897

Lemuel B McGrew, 11/19/1921, 75y 4m 18d, [d] Sandyville [p] John McGrew

Mary Melvine McGrew, 6/6/1929, 72y10m27d, [d] Jackson co, [p] Squire & Liza Jane (Seckman) Sayre, [b] WV, housekeeper, widow

McGee Chapel Cem
Lemuel B McGrew, 6/30/1846-11/19/1921
Mary M 7/10/1856-6/6/1929
Mary F 3/12/1894-7/1/1919 
Family F8625

1880 Census Place: Ravenswood, Jackson, West Virginia Page 482B
W.H. ESCUE Self M M W 45 WV
Occ: Grubber Fa: --- Mo: ---
Manerva J. ESCUE Wife F M W 39 WV
Nelson SIMS FatherL M W W 69 WV 
Family F8593

1880 Census Place: Union, Jackson, West Virginia
Jasper SAYRE Self M M W 21 VA
Martha A. SAYRE Wife F M W 21 VA
Samuel SAYRE Son M S W 1 WV

1900 Union, Jackson, WV all born WV WV WV
Sayre, Jasper 12/1859 m 20y
Martha 6/1858 m 20y 7-7 children
Samuel son 12/1878
Preston F son 9/1883 Floyd 8/1883
Hugh J son 9/1886 Hugh Jasper 9/4/1885
Raleigh son 9/1887 Luther 5/10/1887
Delbert V son 5/1890
Howard son 5/1892 5/17/1892
Barnett, Nancy boarder 3/1883 s

1910 Union, Jackson, WV
Sayre, Jasper 52 m1- 31y WVWVWV
Martha 51 m1- 31y 7-7 children WVWVWV
Raleigh son 22 WVWVWV
Delbert son 19 WVWVWV
Howard son 17 WVWVWV
Floyd son 26 m1- 3y WVWVWV
Elizabeth 26 m1- 3y 0-0 child PA WV WV

1920 Union, Jackson, WV
Sayre, Jasper 66
Martha A 62 
Family F1672

1880 Census Place: Walton, Roane, West Virginia
Anna COON Self F D W 53 KY
Nancy COON Dau F W 19 WV
John A. COON Son M S W 12 WV
Jas. W. RAINES SonL M M W 24 WV
Mary RAINES Dau F M W 21 WV
Lealla L. RAINES GDau F S W 1 WV
Minta J. COON GDau F S W 1 WV

1900 Harper, Roane, WV # 199
James W Raines 3/1856 m 22y
Mary 7/1866 m 22y 7-5 children
Lenox B 6/1881
Louis F 7/1888
Lura A 5/1891 
Family F11989

1880 Census Place: Washington, Jackson, West Virginia
Alexander GIBSON Self M M W 31 WV
Occ: Farm Laborer Fa: KY Mo: KY
Jane GIBSON Wife F M W 18 WV
Occ: Keeping House Fa: VA Mo: WV
John GIBSON Son M S W 3 WV
Fa: WV Mo: WV
Cora B. GIBSON Dau F S W 11M WV
Fa: WV Mo: WV

1880 Census Place: Washington, Jackson, West Virginia
Matilda GIBSON Self F W W 65 KY
Occ: Keeping House Fa: KY Mo: KY
Isaiah GIBSON Son M S W 32 VA
Occ: Farmer Fa: KY Mo: KY
Marget A. GIBSON Dau F S W 19 VA
Occ: Without Oc Fa: KY Mo: KY
Missouri GIBSON GDau F S W 6 WV
Fa: KY Mo: WV
Soloman WOLFORD GSon M S W 21 VA
Occ: Farm Laborer Fa: VA Mo: VA

1880 Census Place: Washington, Jackson, West Virginia
James R. JOHNSON Self M M W 24 WV
Occ: Farm Laborer Fa: KY Mo: KY
Price J. JOHNSON Wife F M W 20 WV
Occ: Keeping House Fa: KY Mo: KY
Cora B. JOHNSON Dau F S W 1 WV
Fa: WV Mo: WV

1900 Ripley, Jackson,WV # 170-179 all WVWVWV
Rains, Joseph S 1/1874 m 5y
Jane wife 9/1861 m 5y 8-8 children
Sylvester O son 1/1896
Lavina da 12/1897
Prisilla da 12/1897
Gibson, Virgie L sd 7/1885
Jesse son 3/1888
Louisa da 1/1891 
Family F8986

1880 E Ripley Dist, Jackson, WV # 205 p 130
Perry, 21, f/l living with Johnathan Pfost
I don't find Sarah on the JC Census
Jackson Co Past and Present article says they had a son, Alpha, born Jan 1880

Death Record
Name: Perry S./Good
Sex: Male
Death Date: 01 Sep 1935
Death Place: Kentuck, Washington, Jackson, West Virginia
Age at Death: 76y11m25d
Burial Place: Kentuck
Birth Date: 9/6/1858
Birth Place: WV
Marital Status: Married
Spouse: Mary Alice Whited
Father: Alexander/Good
Father's Birth Place: WV
Informant: J D Hamon, Kentuck

Jackson Herald [WV] Sept 13, 1935
Perry S. Good, aged Washington district farmer, who was a native of this county, died at his home near Kentuck, on Sunday and burial was in the family cemetery on Tuesday. The funeral services was under the direction of Rev. John D. Hamon. Mr. Good had been seriously ill for some time and friends and relatives had given up all hope for his recovery several days prior to his death. Perry S. Good, son of Alexander and Nancy Good, was born September 1858 in Jackson County, near Kentuck, and departed this life September 1, 1935, age 76 years, 11 months and 25 days. He was united in marriage to Mary Alice Whited, December 29, 1879. Surviving are his wife, Mary Alice and the following children: Alpha Good of Fletcher, Okey Good of Countsville, Elben Good of Alice, Ohio, Dora Ray of Kentuck, Virgil Good of Kentuck, Minnie Parker of Countsville, Octa Good of Romance, Leola Tolley of Sandyville, Eva Boggs of Gandeeville, and Ura Good of Kentuck. He leaves the following brothers; B. J. Good of Kentuck, Emsy G. Good of St. Rain, New Mexico, Rev. Sherman W. Good of Covington, Virginia, and Alexander Good of Advent. One brother and two sisters preceded him in death several years ago, namely, Hester Bow, Livinia Scarbrough, and Thomas J. Good. He also leaves 48 grandchildren and 32 great-grandchildren. He was baptized by his brother, Emsy Good in 1918. He will be sadly missed in his home and by his friends and loved ones. 
Good, Perry Stanton (I15377)

1880 Grant, Jackson, West Virginia Page 534D
l/w Harrison Reed
Frances FOUGHT Dau F W W 21 WV
Lily M. FOUGHT GDau F S W 1 WV
Fa: WV Mo: WV. 
Family F8070

1880 Big Sandy, Kanawha, WV # 179
Ockshire, James M 25 WV WV WV
Elizabeth C 19 wife WV WV WV
Charles W 3 son WV WV WV
Amanda C 2 da WV WV WV
Mamy 3 days June da WV WVWV [lined out]

1900 Holly, Braxton, WV
Oxer, James M 5/1855 m- 25y WV WV WV
Elizabeth 3/1861 m - 25y 14-12 children WV WV WV
Charles W son 10/1875 s WV WV WV
Mamie da 8/1880 s 1-1 child WV WV WV
Oliver son 11/1881 s WVWV WV
Oscar son 11/1881 WV WV WV
George A son 10/1885 WV WV WV
Ida M da 7/1888 WV WV WV
Lethey B da 6/1890 WV WV WV
Stella da 3/1892 WV WV WV
Alta M da 5/1894 WV WV WV
James A son 5/1896 WV WV WV
Thomas C son 5/1899 WV WV WV
Sylvester gs 6/1898 WV WV WV

Birth Record - delayed
Name: Oretha Bell Oxier [Lethy Bell?]
Birth Date: 13 Jun 1887
Birth Place: Little Sandy, Kanawha, West Virginia
Sex: Female
Mother: Elizabeth Catherine Cart, born Kanawha Co
Father: Mark Oxier, born Nicholas Co
Affidavit of sister, Mrs Amanda Hinkle, age 79yr , 1/28/1954

Birth Record
Name: Ida May Oxier
Birth Date: 19 Jul 1888
Birth Place: Charleston, Kanawha, West Virginia
Sex: Female
Mother: Elizabeth Cart
Father: James Mark Oxier

Birth Record
Name: Thos. C. Oxier
Birth Date: 3 May 1899
Birth Place: Upper Dist., Braxton, West Virginia
Sex: Male
Mother: Elizabeth Oxier
Father: Jas. M. Oxier 
Family F27472

1880 Buena Vista, Schuyler, Illinois
Lincoln, Tom 33 IL OH OH
Ala 30 wife IL unk TX
Samuel 2 son IL IL IL
Mary 8/12 da IL IL IL
John 31 bro IL OH OH

1900 Rushville, Schuyler, Ill
Lincoln, Ala 8/1850 wd 5-5 children Ill Mass Texas
Mary da 10/1879 s IL IL IL
Charley son 6/1884 IL IL IL
Minnie da 12/1887 IL IL IL
Harry son 11/1889 Ark IL IL 
Family F27637

1880 Buffalo, Putnam, WV # 203-203
Legue, Sarah 68 WV VA VA
Holstein, Sarah 8 no relation WV (VA) (VA)
[at # 2032-203 is Ed Thos Legue 45 and family]

Death Record
Name: Sarah Virginia Phillips
Sex: Female
Death Date: 05 May 1931
Death Place: Spencer, Roane, West Virginia
Age at Death: 57y 10m 8d
Burial Place: Stumptown
Burial Date: 08 Jul 1931
Cemetery: Stump Cem or Stumptown
Birth Date: 27 Aug 1873
Birth Place: Mason Co, WV
Marital Status: M
Spouse: Marion Burlan Phillips
Occupation: Housework
Mother's Birth Place: W. Va.
Father: Marion Holister
Father's Birth Place: Upshur Co
Informant: Burlan Phillips, Spencer 
Holstein, Sarah Virginia (I72741)

1880 Bufffalo, Putnam, WV
Oldaker, Edward 21
Samantha B 17

1900 Buffalo, Putnam, WV all born WV WV WV
Odaher, Edward V 10/1859 m 20y
Samantha 10/1861 m 20y 7-4 children
Luey E son 3/1887 Lewis E 8 Apr 1887
Ota A da 6/1889
John C son 5/1892 2 May 1891
Oda A da da 3/1895

1910 Buffalo, Putnam, WV
Oldaker, Edward V 50 m1- 30y WVWV VA
Samantha B 48 m1- 30y 8-5 children WV WV WV
Louie E son 23 s WV
Ota A da 20 s
Ida A da 16
John C son 18
Mary A da 7

1930 Buffalo, Putnam, WV
Oldaker, Edward V 71 wd md age 21 WV WV VA
Craig, William A 25 sil 25 md age 18 WVWVWV
Mary A 27 da 27 md age 19 WVWVWV
Charles E 6 gs 6 WV
James E 3 gs 3 WV
Iona V 1 gd 1 WV

Birth Record
Name: Wm. A. Oldaker [Death record shows Albert]
Birth Date: 11 Nov 1880 Death Date: 23 Nov 1889 age 9y 19m ?, Buffalo, diptheria
Birth Place: Putnam, West Virginia
Sex: Male
Mother: Samantha B. Oldaker
Father: Ewird Oldaker

Birth Record
Name: Henry S. A. Oldaker
Birth Date: 13 Mar 1883 Death Date: 20 Oct 1883 Buffalo Dist, age 7m7d, heart disease
Birth Place: Putnam, West Virginia
Sex: Male
Mother: Samantha Oldaker
Father: Edmund V. Oldaker

Birth Record
Name: Joseph M. Oldaker
Birth Date: 14 May 1885 Death Date: 29 Nov 1889 Age 44y6m15d Buffalo, diptheria
Birth Place: Putnam, West Virginia
Sex: Male
Mother: Samantha
Father: Ed. V.

Birth Record
Name: Lewis E. Oldaker
Birth Date: 08 Apr 1887
Birth Place: Putnam, West Virginia
Sex: Male
Mother: Jathena
Father: Ed V.

Birth Record
Name: Ota A. Oldaker
Birth Date: 18 Jun 1889
Birth Place: Putnam, West Virginia
Sex: Female
Mother: Samantha B.
Father: E. V.

Birth Record
Name: John C. Oldaker
Birth Date: 02 May 1891
Birth Place: Putnam, West Virginia
Sex: Male
Mother: Samantha B.
Father: Ed V.

Birth Record
Name: M R Oldaker
Birth Date: 18 Apr 1903
Birth Place: Putnam, West Virginia, United States
Sex: Female
Mother: Samantha
Father: E,B. 
Family F25783

1880 Curry, Putnam, WV
Marriage Record
Date: 11/22/1888 at home of Hugh Kennedy
Place: Putnam, West Virginia, United States
Robert F Harman, 23, Putnam, Putnam
Maggie Kennedy, 24, Meigs OH, Putnam

1900 Pocatalico, Putnam, WV # 157
Harmon, Robert F 8/1865 m 11y WV WV WV
Maggie 11/1863 m 11y 3-3 children OH PA PA
Jessie da 2/1890 WVWVOH
Thomas H son 1/1892
Howard D son 2/1898 
Family F19818

1880 Elk, Kanawha, WV # 254-255
Keeten, James C 29 VAVAVA
Francis J 22 VAVAVA
Minnie A 4 da WV
Nellie F 4 da WV
Martha A 51 mother VAVAVA

1900 Washington, Calhoun, WV #109
Keeton, James C 4/1850 m 25y VA VA AV
Fanny J 5/1856 m 25y 4-2 children WVWVWV 
Family F19578

1880 Geary, Roane, WV #206-207
Nichlas, Taylor 27 VAVAVA
Margarett 25 VAVAVA
Adaline 10 da WV
Margarett A 8 da VA
Robert E L 5 son WV
Mary 3 da WV
Kit Carson 7/12 son WV

Nichols, Robert L 11/7/1873, Roane Co, AT & Margaret 
Family F20785

1880 Grant, Caldwell, MO # 40-46
Casto, George W 29 farmer MO VA VA
Barsha E 24 MO VA VA
Melissa A 7 da MO MO MO
William S 4 son MO MO MO
Mary J 2 da MO MO MO
Nellie L 2/12 Mar da MO MO MO
Ryerson, Rebecca 52 mil VA VA VA
Cherry, Mitchell 12 bil MO IL VA

1900 Polk, Ray, MO
Casto, Barsha E 3/1853 wd 10-7 children MO VA VA
William S son 12/1875 s MO MO MO
John F son 6/1888 MO MO MO
Lilly M da 7/1890 MO MO MO
Ryerson, Rebeca mother 6/1828 wd 4-3 children VA VA VA

1910 Deer Creek, Oklahoma, OK
Castoe, William S 34 s MO MO MO
Barsha E mother 54 wd 4/4 childrenMO VA VA
Bessie sis 26 s 1-1 child MO MO MO
Ryerson, Rebeca gm 83 wd 5-4 children VA VA VA
Booker, William E unc 63 wd VA VA VA
Castoe, Doris niece 4 OK unk MO 
Family F26960

1880 Grant, Jackson, WV # 377
Williams, Philip D 56 VAVAWV
Eliza J 44 WVWVWV
Hazel C 20 son
Alice 18 da
Thomas E 16 son
Mary E 14 da
Lilian A 11 da
Polk, Jno H 21 sil
Sarah A 22 da
Clarence 1 gs

1900 Grant Dist, Jackson, WV # 210/218
John 10/1855 m 22y WV VA VA
Adaline 4/1858 9-9 WV VA WV
Clarence E 2/1879
Lennie L, da, 3/1882
Lunellie 1/1884
Phillip 3/1886
Hazel E 12/1887
Mary L 11/1891
Forest L, da 5/1894
Chalres H 3/1896
Jennette, 1/1900

1910 Grant, Jackson, WV # 63-64
Polk, John 53 m1- 30y WV VAVA
Sarah A 51 m1- 30y 10-10 children WV VA WV
Earley son 22 WV
Nora da 18 s WV
Forest da 16 WV
Charles son 13 WV
Olive da 10 WV
Carol da 7 WV

Coleman Chapel Cemetery 
Family F7982

1880 Hackers Creek, Lewis, WV # 288-303
Smith, Jessee 70 WV VA VA
Mary 69 WV VA VA
Yok, William H 9 gs WVWVWV
Mathews, Mary 32 niece Iowa Iowa WV 
Family F17928

1880 Hamilton, Nicholas, WV all WVWVWV
Rose, H C M 32
Elizabeth K 30
Mary L 10
John B 9
Eliza S 7
Sophia 2
Thorp, Shelton Q 1 nephew

1900 Hamilton, Nicholas, WV #301
Rose, Henry O M 11/1847 m 31y
Elizabeth H 3/1850 m 31y 5-5 children
Obed G son 5/1882 
Family F18933

1880 Lee, Calhoun, WV #1
living with William McCray family
Wright, Edward 18 border laborer VAVAVA 
Wright, Noah Edward (I64852)

1880 Malden, Kanawha, WV
Rhodes, Smith 40 engineer at salt works WV VA VA
Rebecca 27 WV TN VA
Charles W 11 son WVWVWV
Idia M 7 da
Myrtie F 2 da

1900 Malden, Kanawha, WV
Hudson, Rebecca 5/1851 age 49 wd 5-5 children WV VA --
Pearl da 3/1888 WV ENG WV
Rhodes, Willie son 1/1881 WVWVWV

1910 Elk, Kanawha, WV
Rhodes, Willie 27 s WVWVVW
Hutson, Rebecca mother 63 wd 6-5 WV VA VA
Pearl half sis 20 s WV Eng WV
Cart, Orvel, neph 2 s WV WV WV 
Family F24110

1880 Smithfield, Roane, WV all born VA
Elmore, Andrew J 30
Sarah F 26
Perly Va 7 son
Jacob O 5 son
Holla W 3 da
Wm P 1 son

1900 Smithfield, Roane, WV
Elmore, Andy J 4/1850 m 29y VA VA VA
Sarah F 8/1851 m 29y 12-10 children VA VA VA
Pearl V son 9/1872 VA
Jacob O son 9/1874 s VA
Lulie G da 3/1881 s VA
Aner J son 5/1883 VA
Lucy F da 5/1885 VA
John W son 4/1890 WV
Jennie F da 4/1892 WV
Shurley K son 3/1896 WV
Harvie J son 12/1898 WV 
Family F26122

1880 Smiths River, Patrick, VA all born VA VA VA
Ashworth, John W 53
Lear 51 wife
Roswell (?) son 15
Taswell son 14
Sarah E 13 da
Lear O 8 da 
Family F26747

1880 Union, Jackson, WV
living with Iradelle King
Gillaspie, Ross 25 laborer WV PA PA 
Gillespie, George Ross (I19762)

1880 Union, Putnam, WV
Cook, Elijah 78 VA VA VA
Susan 68 VA VA VA
Margaret 35 da WV
William son son WV
Caroliine 30 da WV
Ella 28 da WV
Fred 5 gs WV VA VA
Susan 3 gd WV VAVA

U.S., World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
Name: Fred Cook
Address: Red House
County: Putnam
State: West Virginia
Birth Date: 22 Mar 1876
Race: White
Age: 42
Occupation: farming for self
Nearest Relative: wife Mollie Cook

Death Record
Name: Fred/Cook
Sex: Male
Death Date: 25 Mar 1961
Death Place: Red House, Putnam, West Virginia
Age at Death: 85y
Burial Place: Eleanor, Putnam, West Virginia
Burial Date: 27 Mar 1961
Cemetery: Beechgrove Cemetery
Birth Date: 22 Mar 1876
Birth Place: W. Va.
Marital Status: M
Occupation: Farmer
Residence: Red House, Putnam, W. Va.
Mother: Susan/Snell
Mother's Birth Place:
Father: Elijah/Cook
Father's Birth Place:
Informant: John D Cook, Eleanor 
Cook, Fred (I99937)

1880 Washington, Jackson, WV 16 June 1880
Hudson, B F 24 OH OH OH
Lydia 28 wife WV RI WV
Tibble, Clara 8 sd WV O WV
Francis 6 ss WV O WV
Hudson, Erma 11/12 June WV O WV

1880 Harper, Roane, West Virginia 25 June 1880
Hudson, Benjam F. Self M M W 24 OH OH OH
Lidda Wife F M W 29 WV OH OH
Erma M. Dau F S W 1 WVOH OH
Tibble, Clary SDau F S W 8 WV OH OH
Francis SDau F S W 6 WV OH OH

1900 Roane Co WV Harper Dist
Hudson, Lidda, 6/1851 d 9-7 WV RI WV
Erma M da 7/1879 s
Benjamin C 4/1881
Mary F 3/1883
Lillia A 2/1885
Fredrick O 6/1887

1910 Harper, Roane, WV # 132-133
Hudson, Lydia 58 wd 7-6 children WV RI WV
Benjemin C son 28 s WV OH WV
Frederick O son 23 s WV OH WV
Tibble, Roy gs 17 s WV US WV
Brabham, May gd 8 WV OH WV

1920 Wolf Camp, Roane, WV # 28
Hudson, Lydia 68 Wd
Frederick O son 32 Wd
Brabham, May gd 17
Hudson, Gladys gd 8
Riddle, Lafayette laborer 75 Wd
Whited, Mary F da 36 M
Leander L A sil 32 M
Eakins, Carleelie/Caslulie gd 12
Rufus gs 10 
Family F10313

1890 Veterans Schedule
William Shepherd, Ravenswood, Private, 1861 -1865

U.S. Veterans' Gravesites, ca.1775-2006 ?????
Name: William Shepherd
Death Date: 22 Mar 1939
Cemetery: San Francisco National Cemetery
Cemetery Address: 1 Lincoln Blvd Presidio of San Francisco San Francisco, CA 94129
Buried At: Section Ee Site 1485 
Sheppard, William Harrison (I9197)

1900 Washington Dist Jackson, WV# 58-58
Parson, George M Jan 1867 m 12y WV WV WV
Gaivilda (Gizelda) wife Oct 1866 md 12 yrs 6-5 children WV WV WV
Levi M son Mar 1889 WV WV WV
William A son Sept 1890 WV WV WV
Charles W son May 1894 WV WV WV
Silas L son Aug 1896 WV WV WV
Annie E dau Sept 1899 WV WV WV

1910 Washington, Jackson, West Virginia
Parsons, George M 43 md1- 22 yr WV WV WV
Grizildia E wife 43 md1- 22 yr 8/7 children WV WV WV
Levi M son 21 WV WV W
William O son 19 WV WV W
Charles W son 15 WV WV W
Silas L son 14 WV WV W
Anna E dau 10 WV WV W
Lewis F son 7 WV WV W
Oscar B son 4 WV WV WV 
Family F3075

1900 - living with cousin Sarah E Taylor Hively

Birth: May 21, 1881
Death: Sep. 30, 1955

From the 10/1/1955 Charleston Gazette:

Taylor, Meredith W.--74, of 539 Pacific St., died yesterday in St. Francis Hospital after a long illness. He was a retired farmer adn stone mason. a native of Roane County, he had lived in Kanawha County for the past 21 years.

Surviving are four sons, Lakin C. of Rand, and Homer E., Clyde M., adn Herman, all of Charleston; a brother, A. M. Taylor of Charleston; two sisters, Mrs. C. R. Hively and Mrs. Anzia Hunt, all of Charleston; 28 grandchildren; and 13 great-grandchildren.

Service will be at 2 pm tomorrow in Mt. Moriah Church on Ambler Ridge, Roane County, with Rev. Estill Monday officiating. Burial will be in Billy Hunt Cemetery near the church under the direction of Cunningham mortuary. The body is at the mortuary. 
Taylor, Merideth Wellington (I34105)

1900 Big Sandy, Kanawha, WV # 424
Osburn, Jas 4/1843 m 30y
Nancy E 3/1854 m 30y 8-4 children
Lola M da 3/1879
Samuel R son 10/1888
Fredrick G son 4/1893
Simpson, Howard H nephew 6/1887

Name: Howard Henderson Simpson
Death Date: 15 Mar 1955
Death Place: Kanawha, West Virginia
Age at Death: 67y8m13d
Cemetery: Mont. Mem'l Park
Birth Date: 6/22/1887
Birth Place: Belva, WV
Marital Status: married
Mother: Cordelia Osborne
Mother's Birth Place:
Father: James L./Simpson
Father's Birth Place:
Informant: none given 
Simpson, Howard Henderson (I39648)

1900 Big Sandy, Kanawha, WV # 46 all WV WV WV
Cobb, Squire J 10/1862 wd[M written over it] 12y
James son 3/1889
Cyrella da 2/1891
Russel A son 4/1893
Earl C son 10/1896
Burnan B son 2/1899
Susan E wife 10/1864 m 12y 6-5 children

1910 Big Sandy, Kanawha, WV # 304-310
Cobb, Squire J 49 m2- 10y
Nora 27 m1- 10y 5-5 children WV OH WV
Ray 21
Rilla 19
Russel A 16
Earl C 13
Sylvie G 6
Mark T 4
Silas W 3
Opal C 1.7
Opie C 1.7

Since she is still alive in June 1900, the headstone, which shows she died 1899, must be wrong! So is Buman B the same person as Burman B and are his dates wrong also? No - I found her death record and she did die in 1899, which explains why he stated he was widowed and then the census taker wrote M over the WD. 
Family F13765

1900 Buffalo, Putnam, WV all born WV WV WV
Whitington, Adam 9/1870 m 10y
Mettie R 10/1870 m 10y 4-4 children
Oscar son 5/1892
Robt E son 5/1894
Howard son 11/1896 24 Nov 1896
Ina V da 8/1899 26 Aug 1899

1910 Buffalo, Putnam, WV all born WV WV WV # 93
Whittington, Add 40 m1- 18y
Nettie R 40 m1- 18y 8-8 children
Oscar son 17
Earl son 15
Howard son 13
Ina da 10
Ethel da 7
Arthor son 4
Otis son 2
TF son 1/12

1920 Buffalo, Putnam, WV all born WV WV WV
Whittington, Add 49
Nettie R 49
Howard son 22
Ina da 19
Ethel da 16
Auther son 13
Otis son 11
Elbie son 9
Add son 5

1930 Buffalo, Putnam, WV all born WV WV WV
Whittington, Add 59 wd
Ina B da 29 s
Elbin son 19
Add Jr son 16 
Family F25558

1900 Centerville, Tyler, WV all WVWVWV
Exiline, John A 9/1856 m 2y
Inez A 12/1878 m 2y 0-0 child
Bessie A da 9/1882 s 11 Sep 1882 Harrison

1910 Centerville, Tyler, WV all WVWVWV
Exline, John 53 m2- 12y
Inise 32 m1- 12y 2-2 children
Alice da 4
Jennie da 10/12

1920 Clark, Harrison, WV
Exline, John A 62 WVWVV
Inez Z 42 WVWVPA
Alice F da 14 WVWVWV

1930 Centerville, Tyler, WV
Exline, John 73 md age 41 WVWVWV
Inez 51 md age 19 WVWVPA
Davis, Alice da 24 md age 21
Elnora R gd 2 4/12 WVWVWV
Theodor gs 1/12 WVWVWV 
Family F22618

1900 Cologne, Mason, WV #64-65
Crookham, Euclid 10/1843 m 13y WV OH WV
Laura M 11/1869 m 13y 5-5 children OH PA WV
Lucy G da 10/1887 WV WV OH [10/31/1887 Leon or 10/10/1887]
Anna B da 8/1889 WV WV OH [Blanche 8/7/1889 Leon]
James E son 2/1891 WV WV OH [2/7/1891 Leon]
Homer R son 7/1892 WV WV OH [Ray 7/28/1893 Leon]
Thomas H son 3/1896 WV WV OH [Hobart 3/17/1896 Leon]

1910 Cologne, Mason, WV
Crookham, Euclid 37 m1- 23y WV OH WV
Lessy M 40 m1- 23y 6-6 children OH PA WV
Blanch A da 20
James E son 18
Homer R son 16
Thomas M son 14
Millard C son 8 [9/7/1901 Mason Co]

1920 Cologne, Mason , WV
Crookham, Euclid 76 WV OH VA
Laura M 50 OH PA WV
Lucy da 32 wd WV WV OH
Blanch da 30 s WV WV OH
James E son 28 s WVWVOH
Ray son 26 s WVWVH
Hobart son 23 s WVW VOH
Millard son 18 WV WV OH

1930 Cologne, Mason, WV
Crookham, LM 60 wd md age 16 OH PA WV
Blanche da 40 s WV VA OH
James E son 39 s WV VA OH
T Hobert son 34 s WV VA OH

1940 Cologne, Mason, WV
Crookham, May 70 wd OH
Blanch da 50 s WV
Hobert son 44 m WV

Birth Record
Name: Lucy Crookham
Birth Date: 10/10/1887
Birth Place: Mason, West Virginia, United States
Sex: Female
Mother: Laura May Crookham
Father: Euclid Crookham [reported by father]
Name * Crookham (f) 10/31/1887
Mother: Laura May Kirker
Father: Euclid Crookham [reported by doctor]

Birth Record
Name: Blanche Crookham
Birth Date: 8/7/1889
Birth Place: Mason, West Virginia, United States
Sex: Female
Mother: Laura May Kirker
Father: Euclid Crookham 
Family F26844

1900 Elk, Kanawha, WV # 193-199
Crowder, Jarrett V 3/1876 m 3y WVWV VA
Carey 12/1878 m 3y 2-2 children WVVAWV
Lulu B da 12/1897 WVWVWV
Elmer son 2/1899 WVWVWV
Thomas, Annie sil 3/1882 WV VA VA

Name: Anna Shafer
Death Date: 21 Mar 1941
Death Place: Charleston, Kanawha, West Virginia
Age at Death: 60y12d
Cemetery: Walker Cem on Little Sandy Creek
Birth Date: 3/12/1881
Birth Place: Spring Hill, Kan Co, WV
Marital Status: married
Spouse: Clayton Shafer
Mother: Texanna Campbell
Mother's Birth Place: WV
Father: Dick Thomas
Father's Birth Place: WV
Informant: Clayton Shafer, Elkview, WV 
Thomas, Anna (I63314)

1900 Elk, Kanawha, WV #63-67 all WVWVWV
Hughes, Robert E 1/1873 m 9y
Minnie B(?) 8/1874 m 9y 4-4 children
William T son 2/1892
James E son 1/1894
Arnold C son 3/1896
Estle E son 9/1898
Thomas J father 2/1828 wd
Facemire, John H neph 5/1881
Goff, Thomas H neph 9/1888

1910 Elk, Kanawha, WV # 7 all WVWVWV
Hughes, Robert E 37 m1- 18y
Minnie B 35 m1- 18y 8-5 children
William T son 18
James E son 16
Estil E son 12
Viola G da 9
Holy R son 2

1920 Washington, Boone, WV # 409-414 all WVWVWV
Hughes, Robert E 47
Minnie 34
Holly R son 13
Farmer M son 9
James E son 26 m 
Family F20975

1900 Emma Belle, Poca, Kanawha, WV
Nichols, James W 5/1861 m1y WV MD WV
Russia 6/1886 m 1y 0-0 child WVWVWV

1910 Washington, Jackson, WV all WVWVWV
Siders, Charles E 27 m1- 4y
Rushie 24 m2- 4y 4-1 child
Nichols, Effie sd 7
Siders, George H father 73 wd
Lucy sis 18

1920 Washington, Jackson, WV all WVWVWV
Siders, Charles E 36
Rushie 34
Dorph 6
Sheylah da 3 10/12
Clovey da 1 6/12
Ferrell, Effa sd 19 m
Odis step sil 24 m
Golden s niece 10/12 
Family F22875

1900 Forest Hill, Summers, WV
Crookshank, Wm F 2/1845 m 34y VA VA VA
Julia G 11/1847 m 34y 13-11 children VA VA VA
Henry W son 8/1872 WV VA VA
Vertie G da 3/1879 WV
Levi W son 4/1881
Iva B da 7/1883
Rama L da 2/1885
Emery W son 4/1887
Pearl M da 4/1889
Bruce W son 4/1892
Taylor, James M sil 6/1870 m 4y WV VA WV
Ella V da 10/1876 m 4y 2-2 chldren WV VA VA
Lottie gd 3/1897 WV
Nellie gd 6/1898 WV 
Family F24903

1900 Grant, Jackson, WV
Howell, Daniel Dec 1861 38 mar 13yr WV WV WV
Mattie J wife Nov 1862 37 mar 13y 4-4 children OH VA OH
Willie H son May 1888 12 WV WV OH
Lucy M dau Apr 1891 9 WV WV OH
Thomas H son Feb 1895 5 WV WV OH
Marie A dau Apr 1897 3 WV WV OH
McBride, Mary T mil Sep 1828 71 wid 11-6 children OH OH OH

1910 Grant, Jackson, WV
Howell, Daniel T 48 m1- 22y WV VA WV
Mattie J wife 47 m1- 22y 4-4 years OH VA OH
Willie H son 21 WV WV OH teacher Public School
Mabel L dau 19 WV WV OH teacher Public School
Harold T son 17 WV WV OH
Marie A dau 13 WV WV OH
McBride, Mary T mil 82 wd 11-5 children OH OH OH

1920 Grant, Jackson, WV
Howell, Daniel T 58 WV WV WV
Martha wife 57 OH VA OH
Mable dau 27 WV WV OH
McBride, Mary T mil 91 OH OH OH

1930 Grant, Jackson, WV
Howell, Mattie 67 wid md age 25 OH VA OH
McBride, Edward brother 70 wd md age 50 OH VA OH
Jarrett, Bernice boarder 19 WV WV WV
Family F29855

1900 Grant, Jackson, WV # 115-117
McBride, Nathan H 8/1872 m 5y Oh
Effa G 9/1877 m 5y 3-3 children
Martin R son 7/1895
Birdie A da 9/1896
Myrtle G da 1/1899
Ross, William hand 1880 WV

1910 Grant, Jackson, WV # 196-197
McBride, Nathan F 38 m1- 15y OHOHOH
Effie 34 m1- 15y 5-4 WVWVWV
Martin son 14
Birdie da 13
Myrtle da 11
Muhrl da 7

1920 Grant, Jackson, WV # 33
McBride, Nathan F 47 OH OH OH
Effie G 45 WV OH WV
Martin R son 25 wd WV
Muhrl E da 16 WV

male 1/28/1901 NF & EG McBride, Medina, farmer 
Family F18410

1900 Grant, Ritchie WV # 210-212 all WVWVWV
Layfield, John A 5/1859 m 18y
Sarah 4/1862 m 18y 6-5 children
Ira H son 5/1882
Nettie A da 7/1884
Le-ia H? da 4/1889
John R son 11/1891
Gertrude R da 8/1897

1910 Moundsville, Marshall, WV # 240
Layfield John A 50 m1- 28y
Sarah M 48 m1- 28y 7-5 children
Ira H son 26 s
Nettie A da 24 s
Lila F da 21
John R son 17
Alva G da 12

1920 Mounsville, Marshall, WV # 101-109
Layfield, John A 60 WVWVWV
Sarah Margaret 57
J Ralph son 28
Gertrud A da 22 
Family F18058

1900 Grantsburg, Johnson, Illinois # 163-165
McDade, Benjamin 5/1857 m 22y VA VA VA
Marth J wife 6/1859 m 22y 1-1 child WV VA VA
# 163-166
McDade, Benjamin F May 1879 m 1y WV VA VA
Dora F wife Jan 1882 m 1y 0-0 child OH OH OH
Smedley, Rosa lodger 2/1892 WV VA VA

1920 Scioto, Ross, Ohio
Columbus And Portsmouth Pike
McDade, Benjamin 66 m WV WV WV
Martha wife 58 m WV WV KY
Francis gd 14 OH WV OH
Cahill, Laura servant 15 OH OH OH 
Family F27242

1900 Harmony, Lewis, Washington
Casto, Jesse O 2/1862 m 16y MO WV WV farmer
Emmily wife 3/1865 m 16y 5-4 children KS OH MO
Ethel L da 8/1886 MO MO KS
Ollie P da 5/1893 WA MO KS
Jessie Allen son 12/1894 WA MO KS
Allice Emmily da 10/1899 WA MO KS

1910 Salmon Creek, Lewis, Washington
Casto, Jessie O 48 wd MO WV WV timber cruiser
Ollie P da 16 WA MO KS
Allie J son 15 WV MO KS
Alice E da 10 WA MO KS

1920 Morton, Lewis, WA
Casto, Jesse O 59 wd MO VA VA prospector for minerals

1920 Seattle, King, Washington
Casto, Olive P 26 s WA MO KS sales lady department store
Alice C sister 20 s WA MO KS auditor Dry good store
Blakenay, Ethel lodger 27 s Nebraska Ill Canada sales lady dept store

1930 Steilacoom, Pierce, Washington
Western State Hospial
Casto, Jesse patient 63 wd MO US US 
Family F26966

1900 Harper, Roane, WV
Hively, George W? 3/1860 m 19y WV VA VA
Sarah E 1/1862 m 19y 9-7 children WV VA VA
Creed son 6/1881 m 1y WVWVWV
Lucinda da 12/1882 WVWVWV
Effie da 1/1886 WVWVWV
Clinton M 3/1888 WVWVWV C M 3/21/1888
Eva J da 10/1891 WVWVWV
Althea da 7/1896 WVWVWV Athea 7/14/1896
Dessie da 3/1899 WVWVWV 6/22/1899
Taylor, Meredith W cousin (m) 5/1881 WVWVWV

1910 Harper, Roane, WV # 191-192 all born WV WV WV
Hively, Sarah E 48 m1- 30y 11-8 children
Altha da 13
Dessie da 10
Wilber son 7

1920 Harper, Roane, WV #78
Hively, George W 59 WV VA VA
Sarah E 57 WV VA VA
Wilber son 17 WVWVWV

1930 Harper, Roane, WV # 55-56
Hively, George W 40 md age 20 WV VA VA
Sarah E 68 md age 18 WV WV WV

1940 Harper, Roane, WV
all born WV, 1935: all lived same house
Hively, George 80
Sarah E 78
Wilbur son 36
Delcie wife [crossed out] dil 32
Doy L son 7

Birth Record , delayed
Name: Creed Robert Hively
Birth Date: 28 Jun 1881
Birth Place: Walton, Roane, West Virginia
Sex: Male
Mother: Sarah Taylor, born Roane Co
Father: George W. Hively, born Roane Co
Affidavit of father, GW Hively 8/30/1943
Family Bible Record (original)
Soc Sec Record (shows parents names as George Washington Hively and Sarah Elizabeth Taylor Hively)
Signed CR Hively, Rt 1, Box 695, Charleston WV 8/30/1943
Family F12599

1900 Harper, Roane, WV # 128
Standley, James R 8/1866 m 10y
Harriet V 9/1869 m 10y 5-4 children
Omar D son 7/1890
Ursey M da 8/1894
Jennings B son 10/1896
Coy W sib 10/1899

1910 Harper Dist 82, Roane, WV # 154-155
Stanley, James R 45 m1- 45y VA VA VA laborer - lumber camp
Hariet V wife 40 m1- 21y 8-7 children WVWVWV
Omer son 19 WV
Ersie da 15 WV
Jennings son 13 WV
Coy son 10 WV
Earnest son 4 WV
Howard B son 11/12 WV

1920 Spencer Dist 127, Roane, WV # 366-387
Stanley, Harriett 50 wd WV WV VA
Burton son 10 WV VA WV
Rockford son 8 WV VA WV

1930 Parkersburg (City) Dist 10, Wood, WV # 257-273 Emerson Ave
Stanley, Harriet V 67 Wd m age 20 all WVWVWV
Howard B son 31 s
Rockford son 18 m age 17
Leathy dil 20 m age 19
Mary E da 6/12

1930 Harper, Roane, WV
Morrison, Sylvanus 68 md age 28
Anna L60 md age 20
Stanley, Bert neph 21 s

Homer Dale 7/16/1890
male 7/8/1892
Ova 7/8/1892
Ursey (f) 8/15/1894
m 10/30/1896
Coy 10/28/1899
Howard Burton 4/16/1909
Rockford Glenwood 10/20/1909 
Family F14529

1900 Harper, Roane, WV #47 all WVWVWV
Westfall, John W 3/1847 43 m 14y
Caroline M 11/1870 29 m 14y 7-7 children
Lily L da 9/1886 13
Minnie M da 12/1887 12
Jacob H son 12/1889 10
Samuel E son 12/1891 8
Mary A da 6/1893 6
Emma K da 3/1895 5
Cora E da 12/1898 1

1910 Harper, Roane, WV # 118-119
Westfall, John W 53 m1- 24 y WV VA WV
Caroline M 39 m1- 24y 10-8 children WVWVWV
Lilly L da 23 d 1-0 child
Mary A da 17 s
Emma K da 15
Esta C da 12
Wavy A da 10
Ella M da 5
Delphie da 3

1910 Harper, Roane, WV # 119-120 [next door]
Westfall, Ernest 19 m1- 0y
Rebecca 20 m1- 0y 0 child

1920 Spencer, Roane, WV # 104-113
Westfall, John W 63
Caroline 48
Cora da 21
Delphia da 13

1930 Spencer, Roane, WV
Knight, Edward E 22 m age 20 OHOHOH
Minnie 23 m age 21 WVWVWV
Westfall, Mary roomer 16 S WVWVWV
Webster roomer 73 m age 25 WVWVWV

Westfall, Lily Leota b. 03 Sep 1887 in Woodyard P. O., Roane Co., WV d/o John Webster b. Harper Dist. WV & Caroline Matilda Field b. Woodyard P.O. Roane co., WV *delayed

Spencer Memorial
Caroline Westfall 1870-1949
John W Westfall 1857-1940
Delfa 1907-1932 
Family F17234

1900 Harrison, Gallia, OH
Steele, James W 11/1869 m 9y WV VA VA
Lizzie 9/1875 m 9y 4-4 children WV WV WV
Evelyne da 8/1893 OH
Albert son 8/1894 OH
Robert son 9/1897 OH
Elfa da 8/1899 OH

1910 Harrison, Gallia, OH
Steele, James 41 m1- 17y WVWVWV
Lizzie 36 m1- 17y 9-7 children OHWV WV
Evalyne da 16 OH
Albert son 14 oH
Robert son 12 OH
Elpha da 10 OH
Elnora da 4 OH
Elven son 4 OH
Elvena da 1 OH

1920 Harrison, Gallia, OH
Steele, Lizzie J 46 wd WV OH WV
Robert F son 22 WV WV WV
Elpha R da 20 OH WVWV
Elvin J son 14 OH WV WV
Elnora da 14 OH WV WV
Elvena da 11 OH WV WV

Birth Record
Name: Albert Hyatt Steel
Birth Date: 22 Aug 1895
Birth Place: Cologne, Mason, West Virginia
Sex: Male, 2nd child
Mother: Lizzie J. Hyatt, 20, born Mason City, WV
Father: James W. Steel, 23, born Mason City, WV
signed by Lizzie J Steel

Mason Co, WV Births
Steele, Evaline 8/10/1893 James & Eliza J
Steele, Robert F 9/21/1897 JW & Lizzie J 
Family F26613

1900 Henry, Clay, WV
Noel, Alexander 11/1869 m 5y WV WV WV
Erma or Emma wife 4/1874 m 5y 2-2 childrem WV WV WV
Inea da 11/1894 WV WV WV
Letta da 3/1900 WV WV WV

1910 Buffalo, Clay, West Virginia
Noel, Mack A 40
Emma wife 37
Ida B da 17
Letta B da 9
Earnest son 6

U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-2014
Name: Leetie B. Oxner
SSN: 587-02-9202
Last Residence:
39301 Meridian, Lauderdale, Mississippi, USA
BORN: 23 Apr 1901
Died: 19 Sep 1992
State (Year) SSN issued: Mississippi (1973) 
Noel, Loretta Viola (I114503)

1900 In The Field, Philippine Islands, Military and Naval Forces
Co or Troop F, 41st Infantry 30 June 1900
Starcher, Neale cook res Roxdale, WV, 4/1877, 23, s, WVWVWV, reads, writes & speaks English

U.S., World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
Name: Neal Starcher
County: Calhoun
State: West Virginia
Birth Date: 18 Apr 1876
Race: White
Age: 42
Occupation: Farm laborer for GW Hardman, Mt Zion, Calhoun Co
Nearest Relative: Gracie Starcher

West Virginia, Deaths Index, 1853-1973
Name: Neal Martin Starcher
Sex: male
Birth Date: 18 Apr 1877
Birth Place: Calhoun County, West Virginia
Death Date: 13 Apr 1964
Death Place: Spencer, Roane, West Virginia (Gordon Mem Hosp)
Cemetery Name: Gibson
Death Age: 88 years 11 months 25 days
Occupation: Retired Farmer
Race: White
Marital Status: Married
Gender: Male
Residence: Spencer, Roane, West Virginia
Father Name: Jacob Starcher
Mother Name: Margaret Sampson
Miitary: yes, Spanish American War
Informant: Mrs Grace Starcher 
Starcher, Cornelius Martin (I101682)

1900 Jackson Co WV Grant Dist
John Brannon 6/1817 m 13y WV VA VA
Emily 11/1857 4-4 OH OH OH
Clara A da 10/87
Cora V da 7/89
Nora Seals, gd, 5/1877
Arthur Seals, gs, 5/1880 
Family F10210

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