West Virginia Pioneers

Pennsylvania, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ables, Alexander 'Alec'  Abt 1804Pennsylvania, USA I5438 WVPioneers 
2 Ables, Malinda  Abt 1810Pennsylvania, USA I10102 WVPioneers 
3 Adams, Almira J.  Abt 1857Pennsylvania, USA I86447 WVPioneers 
4 Adams, Elizabeth  Abt 1832Pennsylvania, USA I86490 WVPioneers 
5 Adams, Mary  Pennsylvania, USA I102701 WVPioneers 
6 Alcorn, James  Abt 1811Pennsylvania, USA I10418 WVPioneers 
7 Alexander, Elizabeth 'Betsey'  21 Dec 1828Pennsylvania, USA I17652 WVPioneers 
8 Alexander, Jane  Abt 1839Pennsylvania, USA I17655 WVPioneers 
9 Alexander, Mary  6 Oct 1823Pennsylvania, USA I17577 WVPioneers 
10 Alexander, Nancy  Abt 1836Pennsylvania, USA I17654 WVPioneers 
11 Alexander, Stephen  Abt 1796Pennsylvania, USA I17650 WVPioneers 
12 Alexander, Susanna  Abt 1834Pennsylvania, USA I17653 WVPioneers 
13 Allen, John W Sr  CA 1792Pennsylvania, USA I69523 WVPioneers 
14 Allman, Elizabeth  CA 1841Pennsylvania, USA I96386 WVPioneers 
15 Allman, George W  19 Jul 1811Pennsylvania, USA I96399 WVPioneers 
16 Allman, George W  CA 1837Pennsylvania, USA I96402 WVPioneers 
17 Allman, George W  CA 1853Pennsylvania, USA I96390 WVPioneers 
18 Allman, Graham  CA 1851Pennsylvania, USA I96389 WVPioneers 
19 Allman, Henry  CA 1841Pennsylvania, USA I96405 WVPioneers 
20 Allman, Jacob  CA 1834Pennsylvania, USA I96401 WVPioneers 
21 Allman, John  5 Feb 1816Pennsylvania, USA I96382 WVPioneers 
22 Allman, John  CA 1840Pennsylvania, USA I96404 WVPioneers 
23 Allman, Mary  CA 1843Pennsylvania, USA I96387 WVPioneers 
24 Allman, Mary E  CA 1851Pennsylvania, USA I96410 WVPioneers 
25 Allman, Rachel  CA 1838Pennsylvania, USA I96403 WVPioneers 
26 Allman, Rebecca  CA 1848Pennsylvania, USA I96408 WVPioneers 
27 Allman, Sampson  CA 1844Pennsylvania, USA I96407 WVPioneers 
28 Allman, Samuel  1850Pennsylvania, USA I96409 WVPioneers 
29 Allman, Tobias  CA 1842Pennsylvania, USA I96406 WVPioneers 
30 Allman, William  1755Pennsylvania, USA I72960 WVPioneers 
31 Allman, Zemira  CA 1846Pennsylvania, USA I96388 WVPioneers 
32 Amos, Malinda  Abt 1818Pennsylvania, USA I57545 WVPioneers 
33 Anderson, Charles  Abt 1825Pennsylvania, USA I51419 WVPioneers 
34 Anderson, Elizabeth  Abt 1853Pennsylvania, USA I51421 WVPioneers 
35 Anderson, Esther  Abt 1858Pennsylvania, USA I51423 WVPioneers 
36 Anderson, George  Pennsylvania, USA I13576 WVPioneers 
37 Anderson, Hannah  Abt 1765Pennsylvania, USA I13586 WVPioneers 
38 Anderson, John  Abt 1855Pennsylvania, USA I51422 WVPioneers 
39 Anderson, Nancy  Pennsylvania, USA I13589 WVPioneers 
40 Anderson, Peter  Abt 1785Pennsylvania, USA I13605 WVPioneers 
41 Andrews, Reuben M  Abt 1806Pennsylvania, USA I18290 WVPioneers 
42 Ankrum, Mary Amanda  Abt 1821Pennsylvania, USA I12103 WVPioneers 
43 Ashton, Laura  1803Pennsylvania, USA I107389 WVPioneers 
44 Bailey, Hariett  15 Jul 1855Pennsylvania, USA I111759 WVPioneers 
45 Baker, Phillip  Abt 1819Pennsylvania, USA I48737 WVPioneers 
46 Baker, Rosanna  23 Dec 1823Pennsylvania, USA I88026 WVPioneers 
47 Balch, Samuel  27 Jun 1841Pennsylvania, USA I21673 WVPioneers 
48 Ball, Albert James  11 Dec 1837Pennsylvania, USA I90383 WVPioneers 
49 Ball, Jabez G  Abt 1837Pennsylvania, USA I30616 WVPioneers 
50 Banks, Andrew E  Abt 1813Pennsylvania, USA I11844 WVPioneers 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bull, Dellah Mae  5 Jan 1958Pennsylvania, USA I59672 WVPioneers 
2 ESCHMANN, Maria Magdalena  Pennsylvania, USA I7266 WVPioneers 
3 Hardman, Eva G  10 Feb 2012Pennsylvania, USA I100985 WVPioneers 
4 Landis, James Madison Jr  25 Oct 1945Pennsylvania, USA I24766 WVPioneers 
5 McDade, George O  27 Dec 1986Pennsylvania, USA I107302 WVPioneers 
6 McDade, Marcella F  30 Sep 1997Pennsylvania, USA I107300 WVPioneers 
7 McMurray, Maria  1847Pennsylvania, USA I28133 WVPioneers 
8 Norman, Garold Dean  Mar 1983Pennsylvania, USA I108611 WVPioneers 
9 Reynolds, Leona Elaine  25 Jan 2004Pennsylvania, USA I86894 WVPioneers 
10 Russell, Mary  Nov 1872Pennsylvania, USA I51415 WVPioneers 
11 Sabold, Jacob  Aft 1840Pennsylvania, USA I17834 WVPioneers 
12 Watt, Stephen S  22 Jun 1890Pennsylvania, USA I112967 WVPioneers 
13 White, Donna Rene  30 Oct 2011Pennsylvania, USA I101500 WVPioneers 
14 Yard, Sarah  Aft 26 Jul 1796Pennsylvania, USA I1563 WVPioneers 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Anderson / Martin  22 Dec 1748Pennsylvania, USA F4639 WVPioneers 
2 Blake / Brown  22 Aug 1834Pennsylvania, USA F3989 WVPioneers 
3 Farson / Mann  1810Pennsylvania, USA F22371 WVPioneers 
4 Heiney / Cunningham  13 May 1928Pennsylvania, USA F5053 WVPioneers 
5 HENCKEL / ESCHMANN  Abt 1730Pennsylvania, USA F2448 WVPioneers 
6 Morford / [Morford]  Abt 1867Pennsylvania, USA F9458 WVPioneers 
7 Nehs / Zirkel  6 Mar 1753Pennsylvania, USA F2692 WVPioneers 
8 Parsons / Kalmeyer  Pennsylvania, USA F12397 WVPioneers 
9 ROOP / FREY  Abt 1750Pennsylvania, USA F464 WVPioneers 
10 Schacke / [Schacke]  CA 1738Pennsylvania, USA F19028 WVPioneers