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Casto, Glenvil N

Headstone - Glenville Nicholas Casto

Status: Located

Owner of originalBetty Robie Briggs
PlaceBelgrove, Jackson County, West Virginia
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Casto Cemetery - Plainview, Jackson County, West Virginia, USA

Notes: The cemetery is on the hill above the Plainview Church, between Plum Orchard and Belgrove. The road up the hill goes past a house, undoubtedly a Casto lives in it.

Casto Cemetery - Plainview

Cemetery Photos

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1Casto Babies Casto Babies
Headstones - A row of 8 headstones, 7 say Casto Baby, the 8th says Casto Babies. Some, maybe all, were the children of Wilber S & Gertrude O (Tolley) Casto who are buried in the same row.  
2Casto, Amber Casto, Amber
3Casto, Ayward & Georgia Casto, Ayward & Georgia
Headstone - List of the children of Ayward and Georgia Casto 
4Casto, Ayward W & Georgia F Casto, Ayward W & Georgia F
Headstone - William Ayward and Georgia Florence (Casto) Casto 
5Casto, Betty Jane Casto, Betty Jane
Headstone - Daughter of Clifford Casto & Imogene Baker 
6Casto, Carroll & Audrey Casto, Carroll & Audrey
Headstone - Holly Carroll Casto and Audrey Ruth Anderson Casto 
7Casto, Charles Lewis & Sarah Ellzabeth Casto, Charles Lewis & Sarah Ellzabeth
Headstone - Charles Lewis & Sarah Elizabeth (Kinser} Casto 
8Casto, Cleo H & Velvie Casto, Cleo H & Velvie
Headstone - Cleo Hoyt & Velva Myrtle (Rhodes) Casto 
9Casto, Clifford & Imogene Casto, Clifford & Imogene
Headstone - Clifford Otis Orr & Imogene (Baker) Casto 
10Casto, Daniel & Janis Casto, Daniel & Janis
Headstone - Daniel & Janis Casto 
11Casto, Esta May Casto, Esta May
Headstone - Esta May Crihfield Casto 
12Casto, Freddy Imogene Casto, Freddy Imogene
Headstone - Freddy Imogene Casto 
13Casto, Glenvil N Casto, Glenvil N
Headstone - Glenville Nicholas Casto 
14Casto, Harlon & Josephine Casto, Harlon & Josephine
Headstone - James Harlan & Josephine (Landis) Casto 
15Casto, Harm & Alice Casto Casto, Harm & Alice Casto
Headstone - Hiram Lee "Harm" & Alice Elizabeth (Casto) Casto 
16Casto, Harold Eugene Casto, Harold Eugene
Headstone - Harold Eugene Casto 
17Casto, Herbert Clayton Casto, Herbert Clayton
Headstone - Herbert Clayton Casto 
18Casto, Hollie & Judie Casto, Hollie & Judie
Headstone - Holly Clyde & Judy Ethel (Good) Casto 
19Casto, Hollie & Judy Casto, Hollie & Judy
Headstone - Holly Clyde & Judy Ethel (Good) Casto 
20Casto, Infant Son of Harold & Tressie Casto Casto, Infant Son of Harold & Tressie Casto
Headstone - Infant Son of Harold & Tressie Casto 
21Casto, Isaaac & Minta  Casto, Isaaac & Minta
Headstone- Isaac William & Arminta Jane (Casto) Casto 
22Casto, John & Louisiana Casto, John & Louisiana
Headstone - John Raleigh & Louisiana (Good) Casto 
23Casto, John & Minerva Casto, John & Minerva
Headstone - John Edward & Minerva Jane (Randolph) Casto 
24Casto, John & Minerva Casto, John & Minerva
Headstone - John Edward and Minerva Jane (Randolph) Casto 
25Casto, Kenneth & Esta Casto, Kenneth & Esta
Headstone - Kenneth Owens & Esta May (Crihfield) Casto  
26Casto, Kenneth & Theresa Casto, Kenneth & Theresa
Headstone - Kenneth L & Theresa Casto 
27Casto, Kenneth Owens Casto, Kenneth Owens
Headstone - Kenneth Owens Casto 
28Casto, Leander & Minnie Casto Casto, Leander & Minnie Casto
Headstone - Leander David & Minnie C (Comer) casto 
29Casto, Luster & Dessie Casto, Luster & Dessie
Headstone - Perry Luster & Della Dessie (Hatcher) Casto
30Casto, Maudie & Twin Babies Casto, Maudie & Twin Babies
Headstone - Maudie Casto & Twins of Maudie and Waldie 
31Casto, Mildred Casto, Mildred
Headstone - Mildred Irene Wolfe Casto 
32Casto, Nicholas & Martha Casto, Nicholas & Martha
Headstone - Nicholas C & Martha Ellen (Comer) Casto 
33Casto, Opal Ellen Casto, Opal Ellen
Headstone - Opal Ellen Dean Casto 
34Casto, Owens & Sarah Casto, Owens & Sarah
Headstone - Owens Monroe & Sarah Ellen (Casto) Casto 
35Casto, Raymond & Vernie Casto, Raymond & Vernie
Headstone - Oris Raymond and Velma Vernie (Staats) Casto 
36Casto, Robert Eldon Casto, Robert Eldon
Headstone - Robert Eldon Casto 
37Casto, Robert P Casto, Robert P
Headstone - Robert P Casto 
38Casto, Roger D Casto, Roger D
Headstone -Roger Darrell Casto 
39Casto, Ronald Lee Casto, Ronald Lee
Headstone - Ronald Lee Casto 
40Casto, Roscoe & Freda Casto, Roscoe & Freda
Headstone - Roscoe Edward & Freda Ellen (Faber) Casto 
41Casto, Son of Nicholas & Martha Casto, Son of Nicholas & Martha
Headstone - Son of Nicholas & Martha (Comer) Casto 
42Casto, Stella Casto, Stella
Headstone - Stella Odell Casto 
43Casto, Tina A Casto, Tina A
Headstone - Tina Antonetta Casto 
44Casto, Veldra Casto, Veldra
Headstone - Military Marker - Veldra Harold Casto 
45Casto, Veldra Casto, Veldra
Headstone - Veldra Harold Casto 
46Casto, Waldie Casto, Waldie
Headstone - Waldie Casto 
47Casto, Wilber & Gertrude Casto, Wilber & Gertrude
Headstone - Wilber Sattis & Gertrude Olive (Tolley) Casto 
48Casto, William M & Helen Casto, William M & Helen
Headstone - William McKinley & Henen (Cavender) Casto 
49Casto-Cobb-Bush, Sylvia Casto-Cobb-Bush, Sylvia
Headstone - Sylvia Melvina Casto Cobb Bush 
50Clay, Ronald Lee Clay, Ronald Lee
Headstone - Military Marker - Ronald Lee Clay 
51Clay, Ronald Lee & Margaret Ellen Clay, Ronald Lee & Margaret Ellen
Headstone - Ronald Lee and Margaret Ellen (Casto) Clay 
52Cobb, Harold & Christa Cobb, Harold & Christa
Headstone - Harold Raymond & Christa Rosemary (Weber) Cobb 
53Cobb, Harold R Jr Cobb, Harold R Jr
Headstone - Harold R Cobb Jr 
54Cobb, Harold Raymond Cobb, Harold Raymond
Headstone - Military Marker - Harold Raymond Cobb MSG US ARMY 
55Cobb, Infant child of John E & Lucy Cobb, Infant child of John E & Lucy
Headstone - Infant Cobb 
56Comer, Noah M Comer, Noah M
Headstone - Noah M Homer 
57Comer, Phoebe Comer, Phoebe
Headstone - Phoebe D Cunningham Comer 
58Comer, Robert Comer, Robert
Headstone - Robert P Comer 
59Comer, William H Comer, William H
Headstone - William H Comer 
60Crihfield, James C Crihfield, James C
Headstone - James Clifton Crihfield 
61Crihfield, James C & Reva L Crihfield, James C & Reva L
Headstone - James Clifton & Reva Lou (Casto) Crihfield
Our sons James and Clyde 
62Crihfield, Michael Joe Crihfield, Michael Joe
Headstone - Michael Joe Crihfield 
63Fields, Dorothy and son Ricky Fields, Dorothy and son Ricky
Headstone - Dorothy Lee (Price) Fields and son Ricky Fields 
64Freshour, Fred & Dollie Freshour, Fred & Dollie
Headstone - Fred M & Dora Belle "Dolly" (Casto) Freshour 
65Good, Garry E Good, Garry E
Headstone - Garry E Good 
66Green, Frederick W & Joyce J Green, Frederick W & Joyce J
Headstone - Frederick W & Joyce J Green 
67Harler, William Harler, William
Headstone - Military Marker - William O Harler PFC US Army World War II  
68Hunt, Nisa Marie Hunt, Nisa Marie
Headstone - Nisa Marie Hunt 
69Jackson, Everette Jackson, Everette
Headstone, Everette Jackson 
70Jackson, Roy & Odessa Jackson, Roy & Odessa
Headstone - Rev Roy S and Martha Odessa (Thomas) Jackson  
71Jackson, Thomas M Jackson, Thomas M
Headstone - Thomas Monroe Jackson  
72Kessell, Clinton R Kessell, Clinton R
Headstone - Military Marker - Clinton R. Kessell PFC US Army World War II  
73Lupardus, Mary Lupardus, Mary
Headstone - Phoebe Mary Jackson Lupardus 
74McCoy, David Shelley Jr McCoy, David Shelley Jr
Headstone - David Shelley McCoy, Jr 
75McKemy, James & Hessie McKemy, James & Hessie
Headstone - James Earl & Hessie F (Casto) McKemy 
76Miller, Shawn Dale Miller, Shawn Dale
Headstone - Shawn Dale Miller 
77Myers, Worthy C & Elizabeth R Myers, Worthy C & Elizabeth R
Headstone - Worthy Cecil & Elizabeth Ruth "Betty" (Casto) Myers 
78Randolph, Adam P & Icie B Randolph, Adam P & Icie B
Headstone - Adam P & Icie B (Price) Randolph 
79Randolph, Biddie Randolph, Biddie
Headstone - Biddie (Comer) Jackson Randolph 
80Randolph, Opal May Randolph, Opal May
Headstone - Opal May Randolph 
81Rhodes, Thomas & Vienna Rhodes, Thomas & Vienna
Headstone - Thomas & Mary Vienna (Casto) Rhodes 
82Skeen, Curtis Skeen, Curtis
Headstone - Isaac Curtis Skeen 
83Skeen, Esta E Skeen, Esta E
Headstone - Esta Elizabeth (Casto) Skeen 
84Skeen, Grover L Skeen, Grover L
Headstone - Grover Lloyd Skeen 
85Skeen, Ruby Skeen, Ruby
Headstone - Ruby D Skeen 
86Skeen, Shawna Marie Skeen, Shawna Marie
Headstone - Shawna Marie Skeen 
87Skeen, Timmy Curtis Skeen, Timmy Curtis
Headstone, Timmy Curtis Skeen  
88Southall, James H & Garnett Southall, James H & Garnett
Headstone - James Herbert & Garnet Blondina (Gandee) Southall 
89Tate, Antonetta 'Etta' Tate, Antonetta "Etta"
Headstone - Antonetta "Etta" Tate 
90Tate, Antonetta 'Etta' Tate, Antonetta "Etta"
Headstone - Reverse: Mother of Joe Jr, Bill, Che Che, Charlotte, Bob, Muesetta 
91Williams, Harold Williams, Harold
Headstone - Harold Williams 

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