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Brown, Infant

Headstone - Infant Daughter of P & N (andy?) Brown

Status: Located

Owner of originalBetty Robie Briggs
PlaceCasto Cemetery, Fairplain, West Virginia
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Casto Cemetery - Fairplain, Jackson County, West Virginia, USA

Notes: The cemetery is on a hill about 2 miles south of Fairplain on Rt 21. Traveling south, it is on the left side of the road, and not easily seen. The road up to the cemetery is rather steep.

Cemetery Photos

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1Adams, Harriet A Adams, Harriet A
Headstone - Harriet A Adams 
2Adams, John A & Mary V Adams, John A & Mary V
Headstone - John A & Mary V (Edwards) Adams 
3Adams, Martha Adams, Martha
Headstone - Martha Adams 
4Anderson, Nathan S Anderson, Nathan S
Headstone - Nathan S Anderson, son of Rudy and Lura Anderson 
5Anderson, Omer & Faith Anderson, Omer & Faith
Headstone - Omer R and Faith Pauline (Staats) Anderson 
6Austin, Addie E Austin, Addie E
Headstone - Addie E Austin (Casto) 
7Austin, Robert H Austin, Robert H
Headstone - Robert H Austin 
8Barnett, Alva & Joyce Barnett, Alva & Joyce
Headstone - Alva L & Joyce E Barnett 
9Brown, Infant Brown, Infant
Headstone - Infant Daughter of P & N (andy?) Brown  
10Casto Children Casto Children
Headstone - Hiram N Casto and unnamed brother and sister. Children of Leonard C & Zeppie Casto 
11Casto, A B Casto, A B
Headstone - Albert "Ab" Casto 
12Casto, Barbara Ann Casto, Barbara Ann
Headstone - Barbara Ann Casto  
13Casto, Benjamin & Mary Casto, Benjamin & Mary
Headstone - Benjamin F & Mary Matilda (Craig) Casto 
14Casto, Benjamin F & Mary M (Craig) Casto, Benjamin F & Mary M (Craig)
Casto, Benjamin F & Mary Matilda (Craig) 
15Casto, Clara B Casto, Clara B
Headstone - Clara Belle (Ruble) Casto, Wife of H J Casto 
16Casto, Clara B Casto, Clara B
Headstone, closeup - Clara Bell (Ruble) Casto  
17Casto, Donald O Casto, Donald O
Headstone, Military - Donald O Casto - PFC 111 Infantry Regt World War II BSM 
18Casto, Ella Casto, Ella
Headstone - Ella Casto  
19Casto, Everett Casto, Everett
Headstone - Everett Casto 
20Casto, Everett & Hattie Casto, Everett & Hattie
Headstone - Everett & Hattie Estella (Johnson) Casto 
21Casto, F W Casto, F W
Headstone - Dr Fernando Warren Casto 
22Casto, Harlow L Casto, Harlow L
Headstone, Harlow L 
23Casto, Hattie Casto, Hattie
Headstone, closeup - Hattie Estella (Johnson) Casto 
24Casto, Hiram J Casto, Hiram J
Headstone - Hiram J Casto 
25Casto, Isaac J Casto, Isaac J
Headstone, Military - Isaac J Casto Co B. 22 VA Inf C.S.A. 
26Casto, Isadore C & Anna E Casto, Isadore C & Anna E
Headstone - Isadore C and Anna Eliza (Kerwood) Casto  
27Casto, Jacob & Celia Casto, Jacob & Celia
Headstone - Jacob and Celia B (Winter) Casto 
28Casto, Jane (Hayes) Casto, Jane (Hayes)
Headstone - Jane (Hayes) Casto 
29Casto, Jonathan Casto, Jonathan
Headstone - War of 1812 Military Marker - Jonathan Casto 
30Casto, Jonathan Casto, Jonathan
Headstone - Jonathan Casto 
31Casto, Jonathan Casto, Jonathan
Headstone, closeup - Jonathan Casto 
32Casto, Jonathan Casto, Jonathan
Headstone, Military, closeup - Jonathan Casto War of 1812 
33Casto, Jonathan J Casto, Jonathan J
Casto, Jonathan J 
34Casto, Jonathan J Casto, Jonathan J
Headstone, closeup - Jonathan J Casto 
35Casto, Leonard & Zeppie Casto, Leonard & Zeppie
Headstone - Leonard C & Zeppie C (Winter) Casto 
36Casto, Leotus M Casto, Leotus M
Headstone - Leotus M Casto 
37Casto, Lide Casto, Lide
Headstone - Lide Cowen Casto 
38Casto, Lillian and son Richard Casto, Lillian and son Richard
Headstone - Lillian May (Deyo) Casto and son Richard Oliver Casto 
39Casto, Magdalene Casto, Magdalene
Headstone - Magdalene (Wetherholt( Casto 
40Casto, Martha A Casto, Martha A
Headstone - Martha A "Mattie" (Hayes) Casto 
41Casto, Martha A Casto, Martha A
Headstone, closeup - Martha A "Mattie" (Hayes) Casto 
42Casto, Otis & Telitha Casto, Otis & Telitha
Headstone - Otis Kerwood & Telitha J (Casto) Casto 
43Casto, Otmar Casto, Otmar
Headstone - Otmar Casto  
44Casto, Otmer R Casto, Otmer R
Headstone, Military - Otmer R Casto Ohio- Pvt US Army  
45Casto, Rebecca & Dora Bell Casto, Rebecca & Dora Bell
Headstone- Rebecca (Crites) Casto and daughter Dora Bell Casto 
46Casto, Richard & Beverly Casto, Richard & Beverly
Headstone - Richard & Beverly (Stought) Casto 
47Casto, Rudie H Casto, Rudie H
Headstone - Rudie H Casto, son of A & J Casto 
48Casto, Sarah M Casto, Sarah M
Headstone - Sarah M Casto 
49Casto, Virginia Frances Casto, Virginia Frances
Headstone - Virginia Frances Casto 
50Chancey, Moody & Urada Chancey, Moody & Urada
Headstone - Moody Monroe & Urada S (Staats) Chancey 

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